A Christmas story.

A couple of long-legged elves appeared. "Santa sent us," they said, "and we bring good tidings." 

Then they handed me a note from Santa with this message:
"You may be a bitch and do a good job at it, but you are nice. So I will grant one of your wishes on your list."
See me grin.

Went to BaoBao land. 
I have been checking their website constantly searching for that perfect duffel that men can use.

Thought bubble: This is nice! I wonder which of the Davao ladies can carry this?

No black duffel but this shoulder bag looks fab. Very light, spacious. WIll make a great travel bag.
Not really what I wanted but will put it on my list.

Proceeded to a favorite Japanese shop.
There it was under the white Christmas tree.


Wishes do come true!

Santa knows when you're nice. Thank you Santa!

And the Universe is generous. All you have to do is ask. Thank you Universe!