Noche buena

If my brother didn't call to have noche buena at their place, I (along with dad and brother) would have slept through Christmas eve and wait for the kids to come visit the house on Christmas Day.  So we went.

Red wine and this Thai sweet and hot pica-pica- chili dilis with sesame seeds and peanuts.
On the buffet table were Paella Marinara, homemade ube halaya, Freshly baked puto and the other staple holiday food, ham, potato salad, etc.

And this tasty Italian carbs.

My nephews & niece, (cameo role- their dad).

Lady Gaga was the special guest.

Tita Rose with her apos (Lady Gaga's first cousins).

Dining scene, adults only, all the kids were at the lanai.

Sneaking by the Christmas tree and checking if there's something for me under it.

I have a gift!
Dali tote bag and matching t-shirt! Thanks Kuya and Joji!

Kuya, Joji & dad.

Dad & Trixie.

We went home at 2AM with our treats.
Had a nice time.