{ Bitch Bites } Sarap!

{ Bitch Bites } Trying what's new on the menu.

Well if you like your roasted liempo and chicken saltier than it normally is + a bout with an order or two of extra rice, then this is the place for you- Balamban Liempo Cebu. I don't have to tell you where it originated from. But if you insist, it came from......... Africa!

The Lunch Group gathered and went to this small nook right beside the Buhangin flyover in Bajada on one of the best days to dine outdoors, a cloudy day with the cool breeze blowing. Lucky us.

Well, the reputation preceded this "ulam". It's tasty, tender and the pork skin crispy (I wish there was more of the this!). The pork and the chicken are always served straight from the grill and hot. Like I said, it's saltier than how you would normally prepare your own at home so be ready to gorge on the extra carbs to balance its taste, or go for that sip of cold Coca-Cola. Sorry, no Coke Zero or Diet Coke in this joint.

One more thing, this is the perfect pulutan to a drinking spree.

The liempo that is said to be tastier than lechon.

And Iago looking over the chopped chicken which Toby was having.

Dining on the roadside and right beside the flyover. 

The bill for five heads.

And they don't like to have their photo taken but I forced them to. Raffy is not too happy. :-)

Actually, I work here that's why I am blogging about this. It's an honest and decent job. Better come and eat at this place so they can give me a raise.

Balamban Liempo is at the Delgar Plaza, J.P. Laurel by Buhangin Flyover on Dakudao Ave.
For inquiries and reservations, look for Tobi, Carlo or Raffy in Facebook. :-)