Christmas 2011. Party #6

When Dina M. hosts a party, it will be a losing battle against "Christmas is in my heart only". It's always a "forget your diet" gathering when she decides to cook and invite guests. 

Her most evil creations: the Apple Pie and Chocolate Mud Pie.

For cocktails, ham & sausages, assorted cheeses and caviar & cream cheese, grapes & olives.

The look of lust form Dina's kids.

At the bar, along with this premium vodka, are Mima's concoctions - Screwdriver & Margarita, red wine from Dina's collection, whiskey and a few more spirits.

Mima with adopted-for-ten-months brother from Belgian, Tim.

With Rafa, a Spanish volunteer health worker

Dina with the girlfriends...

The next generation (growing too fast!)

And a very small contingent of the family

The youngest guests.

Dinner is served. Turkey + more.

I tried to eat as little as I can.

Most especially after my protruding belly and man boobs were screaming to make their presence known.

They were pretty successful.

As usual, another great evening with friends.