Christmas 2011. Party #7

It was time for the annual Yuletide gathering of the barkada. This year it was at Tony & Maricris B.'s residence. On this celebration, Mr. JM Chan's "Christmas in our hearts" hit the bottom of my chart. Christmas went a little further down from the top of my heart to the belly. Again. The overused excuse of "it's the holidays anyway" was suddenly not so lame.

The evening started perfectly with Maricris serving a selection of amazing cheeses. This made my evening! But not until I visited the spread. There lay the lechon with it's skin shining in all its crispilicious glory!, along with the paella, chicken relleno, callos, pomelo salad, embotido and more.

Sorry, no photos allowed. (It will give you an idea of how much calories I took in).

My friends through the years.......

giving birth to these.....
(Note: the white boy is adopted for 10 months only).

Watching my friends' offsprings grow up before your eyes isn't a good idea. 
Their growth speed is directly proportional to the number of wrinkles on your face.
Reality bites.

More friends...more kids....(& more wrinkles for me)....

In the tradition of the yearly gathering, there has to be "the games". 

This year, there was to be no more running, hopping or any physical activity that may cause muscle strain or make the participants gasp for air. Again, the sign.

Game master Chari G. brought her pre-school educational tools for the adults to play with- competitively. 

How do you know your alphabet and building blocks.....

Kung fu panda act tests the balancing skills...and more importantly, patience.

At ang walang kupas na Pinoy Henyo, Christmas edition.

More like a pulmonary test. Smokers vs. Non-smokers aka Lawyers vs. Doctors.
Verdict: take the doctors advise- stop smoking.

What's in your purse? The woman with the Swiss knife-like talent won. She had a credit card, ATM, hairbrush, photo album, TV, ref, gas range, toothbrush, tissue and Mang Tomas all-around sarsa.

Aside from the bags of goodies as prizes, Cristina gave away a couple of her artworks to the winners. Thanks Cristina!

After burning a few calories in the low-impact games, everybody was thirsty and asked for something to drink ---- whiskey (the double bottle of Double Black doubled the fun!), red wine and vodka for the adults and the younger set opted for the beer and tequila (those of drinking age only!).

Thirst quenched. 

Another fabulous Christmas party! 

Thank you my dear friends.