Another FAT BUSTER Story

I've always been told, "Go straight to the point. Wala nang paliguy-ligoy pa."  That applies to pretty much everything- writing, request, discussion, etc.

So, on a recent trip to Singapore with Kenneth O., one lunch was hosted at Zaffron, a very hip, chic and modern restaurant of the Oasia Hotel. The server was pretty much attentive and offered to us to try a drink form their fresh fruit drink list they call "Healthy Booster." We obliged.

Naturally, I would choose anything that will get rid of my "excess baggage" particularly the ones around my waist and man boobs. In this case, it was the Fat Burner- a lethal combination of Lime, Ginger, Orange and Apple secretions. Hope it works.

This is what I want. This is what I need!

And my drink arrived looking not too ready for the Battle of the Bulge. But we also have this saying, "Looks can be deceiving," and the famous "Don't judge the juice, it is not a book." Of course, I changed the words to make it fit the situation, credit still goes to Supermodel Melanie M.

Are you ready to battle the bulge?!?!?

Fight! Heto na! Straight to the point na ang labanan. Wala ng daan-daan kung saan-saan. 

Drink & BURN, FAT, BURN!!!!!!

I think this should work. I see no fat Singaporeans around.