Is this what I paid for?

Serving the first batch of lemons for 2012.....

Not all flights are the same. Occasionally, you have to deal with an unpleasant trip.

This isn't the cheapest flight to Bangkok but I take it anyway for the convenience of the connecting flights (Davao-Manila-Bangkok-Manila-Davao), the warm food that you don't have to pay for, an in-flight movie, pillow, blanket and newspapers, and enjoying the pre-seating arrangements and lounge access courtesy of good friends who works for this airline (thank you, ladies!)

Once, I got to ride with a starstruck attendant who gabbed with my seat mate,  a TV news personality, like I didn't exist. For heaven's sake, I was in between them trying to sleep!

Then, there's this most recent flight, PR 731,  from Bangkok to Manila.

I do practice the positive attitude and greet the crew whenever boarding a plane. It may be a tough job for these flying service bunch but let me ask you this- who forced you to take that job? Suck it in guys, whenever I go on board your plane, I pay part of your salary. Give me what is due mine. 

1. It's OK to receive a call from PAL and be informed of a scheduled delay. New ETD is 2:45PM from the original ETD of 1:35PM

But it's NOT OK to leave your hotel way before check out time, arrive at the airport and check in 2 hours prior to departure, and get your boarding pass with nothing on the Boarding Gate entry.

It's NOT OK, as well, to finally reach the pre-departure area, while your time at the shops and eventually, get to read this.....

So, I know where my gate it and I know that the flight is delayed more than what I was told.

2. Inside the aircraft, it's NOT OK to sit for more than an hour before the plane finally takes off. ugh!

3. It was a 3 hour flight to Manila, but just why was it after take off, the service crew where in a frenzy serving the food like they can't wait to get it over with?

Then this happens....

4. From a smiling and courteous flight attendant, Mr. Arnold Galang, plopped a tray in front of me.

Me: What's this?
Arnold Galang: Beef stew with rice, sir.
Me: What's the other choice?
AG: Chicken with rice, sir.
Me: Don't I get a choice?
AG: Sorry sir, wala na pong chicken, eh.

Force feeding?

So what happened to asking if I, along with the rest of the passengers, don't mind having the beef since you ran out of chicken?

Here's the WORST PART....

Immediately after, I see Arnold serving four people in my row with the chicken dishes!!!! WTF!!!!

Soggy salad
Ill-tasting dessert
2 cute slices of beef with veggies with rice (at least it was heated).

This was the worst menu I had in all the PAL flights I have taken by far.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker was on screen in "I don't know how she does it" and might just save the day.


In the middle of the film, Parker disappears and Miren appears. 

No, it wasn't a preview of Miren's "The Debt".

Apparently, this flight had its style of showing films. Parker starts and Miren ends. 

Naturally, I asked what happened and if they can run Parker's film again. According to Mr. Galvez only the Chief Purser, Mr. Juarez, can operate the plane's gadgets. 

So Parker appears does Miren....again. 

Pointless to watch.

6. I stood up to stretch my legs and went to the rear of the plane, and with a smile, politely asked for water from a female attendant reading a newspaper. No smile was returned, water was served, she sat down and proceeded reading the paper. I must have interrupted her resting/reading time in the flight she was on duty on.

7. I decided to go to the restroom before going back to my seat. This was the scene along the way....

Oh, are these their lockers?

At the toilet, this met me..... Bulaga! a water-filled lababo. Clogged. Yuk! 

Well, I am glad we reached Manila safely.

This would be one of the annoying and unfortunate service related incidents I had with PAL. 

The thing is, I pay to travel and you get paid to work up in the air. So please, if you can't perform your jobs with propriety, go look for another job.

In the meantime, enjoy the lemons I am about to hurl at you.

(Dear Pinky, I love you but your colleagues up in the air are not as consistent in good service as you are. I wish I, along with the rest of the Fiesta Class passengers, could experience the same treatment the crew extended when I sat comfortably in the Mabuhay Class in one of my trips abroad. I have to serve them lemons.)