New Years Eve 2012

ADIOS 2011
The lechon to  bid 2011 goodbye...

HOLA 2012
.... and the lechon to welcome 2012!

It was not a good idea to go on the diet during the holidays after all. But I did try to control myself and limited the intake of the calories, or so I thought. Will power restrained me from partying with the fat cells around my belly. Although they (fat cells) tried to invite more of their family and friends, the venue (my belly) didn't allow their event to welcome additional guests. As it is, I look like I am six months on the family way. Party time is over folks, time to kick you out!

I kept my promise to a good friend that I will eat lechon for him (for you Manoy Recho!). I did, on several occasions, in fact. Including the party to bid 2011 thank you and goodbye and the first celebration to welcome 2012.

The last day of the year happens to be my dad's birthday. Here he is with his loony grandchildren and 3/6 of his kids.

From Frisco, Texas: only daughter, only sister and the youngest, Malu, posted her touching (read: hikbi-inciting) message on Facebook...
Happy 79th Birthday, Daddy! You do inspire us. Your disposition in life never changed even without Mommy for the past 10 years. You found reason to continue on living the good life... still driving your car by yourself, playing your 18 holes of golf, doing your errands, and ahhh yes drinking ad smoking. Love you. Cheers and tonight me and Philip shall be celebrating and drinking with our family and friends here just for you.. 

Now back to Davao.....

By loony, this is what I mean. But this is" normal" to them.

It took much effort to gather this small group, keep them still and to smile. (where they all where was just 5 feet from this spot). This is "abnormal" for them.

But I love them anyway. I'm used to this behavior. Let's just say these apples that didn't fall far from their trees :-)

Along with the lechon, here are some of what was on the menu catered by Leandro's.

Fresh veggies, fried soft shell crabs & seafood curry.

Before midnight, we moved to my brother's home to meet and greet the new year.

Since firecrackers are banned in Davao (thank God!), the old-fashion noise makers make a comeback--the torotots and the pots and pans.

The torotot gang...

The confetti bomb malfunction. Bitin! excited pa naman lahat.

Not until Ato found a way to save the new year party by shaking the confetti off the tube.
See the group cheer!

The revelers...

Lolo with his two girl apos.

The Salvadors, the Facundos & the Yuzons.

Along with the first lechon for 2012 were these.

Callos, Seafood Paella & Eclair