Project: Belly Bust

 No, I am not pregnant.

That cannot happen.
1. It's against the natural flow of nature.
2. Thus, my anatomy is different- mababa ang matres ko.
3. Thus, it's life threatening, so the doctor advises against pregnancy.

Shunning my strict diet, I became too indiscriminate in my food intake. I allowed it to happen all over again- feasting on dessert after every meal.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibits C to Z to be presented after court recess.....

Of course, it's never the desserts' fault. It's created to be coveted. 

Instead of using the sugar as fuel to sweeten those yoga poses to perfection, I just stared at the mat rolled in the corner of the room day in and out, lay on my comfy bed and watched TV. Worst, that's immediately after the meal.

Minus the exercise, the inevitable happened. All the calorie intake eventually added up to something horrible--- (drumroll...) Welcome back:
1. Big waist- pregnant look.
2. Man boobs- like lactating tits to match the preggy belly.
3. Platter face- like where the lechon was served on.

Unguarded moments like these caught on camera make me faint.... after swearing.

I know I am overweight at 81 kilos. So if I am to be checked in as baggage, I would be paying for 66 kilos x SG$ 20.00 per kilo = SG$ 1,320.00 or Php 56,700.00. Gasp! That's about the cost to fly to Europe roundtrip. It's way cheaper to go on a diet.


It's one of my new year's resolution to get back to my exercise regimen. So today, January 3,2012,  I got up early and went brisk walking for more than an hour and unrolled the yoga mat. 

Hello there tight muscles, nice to get to know you again. You won't be staying long though.

I have three weeks to burn off whatever fats I can before I see Dr. Dennis Tan. I want to get to know the smaller middle I had in high school (wishful thinking).

 And most importantly, to finally distinguish where my waist ends and the hip starts.

Burn, fats, burn!