and Bottega Veneta replies....

My problem with this "driver" .....

Wrote my concern RE: camel-colored drivers and here is their reply...

Thursday, February 9, 2012, 12:09 AM

Dear Mr. Salvador
Thank you for your email below and the link to your blog. 
We appreciate you being a loyal Bottega Veneta client and I am sorry for the trouble you are having with your new suede drivers.
Generally, our shoes start out feeling fairly stiff and get more comfortable as you wear them. The drivers you purchased are brand new so the blister was most likely caused by the stiff suede rubbing directly against your skin.
While the Manila boutique will not be able to exchange the shoes for you they may be able to recommend a local repair center who can file down the stitch for you so that will no longer bother you.
I encourage you to continue to wear the drivers as they are our most popular shoes and I know they will be come your favorite shoes once they have been worn a bit and fit better to your foot.
Best Regards,
Sydney Richards  
US Customer Service Coordinator 
Bottega Veneta 
697 Fifth AvenueNew York, NY 10022
1800-845-6790*Press 2 and then Press 1

Well, simple lang naman pala ang solution- I go to Biema or GJ Santos Shoes to have the stitch filed down.

I would have thought that they'll extend the courtesy of having it exchanged to another pair (of the same color and style of course- I love this pair) even if it'll take longer than the stipulated period. I guess not. Oh well........

Suffer in style? LOL