The Major League

This is the MAJOR LEAGUE!

I can't even remember if I ever sat with these big shots of the Davao media on the same dining table. It's a good thing I said yes to the dinner invitation extended by the DOT-XI headed by Regional Director  Art Boncato.

Guess what? It was just a get-together. No presscon, no interviews, nothing.  But it's not as if some would let the evening end without squeezing a thought or two from this very busy man. 

Minus the hard-hitting news, guess what the topics were across the table?

Thanks Art! It was one fun gathering. Region XI is in good hands.

One of those times that I didn't bring my camera. But thank God for mobile phones with cameras. 
Or not. See how yellow we all are.

On the dining table: The big kahunas of SunStar, Mindanao Times, ABS-CBN, GMA, Mindanao Daily Inquirer & Philippine Star + the wage earners (me, included).