April Musings: Of RSVPs, Q&As & F&Bs

Répondez s'il vous plait.

I don’t know which is worse: invited guests who do not care to respond and show up at the party; guests who practice proper etiquette, confirm attendance and pull a no-show; an invited guest (note the singular form) and RSVPs for 6 (the logic evades me); an invited guest politely asks if she can take her husband (a plus 1 is acceptable with consent), and as the party nears, calls back to RSVP for the rest of her children (tumbling!); guests who RSVP on the day of the party (at least there’s effort); an invited guest (again, note the form) and appears at the event with 3 people in tow; someone who RSVPs for five unlisted names, apparently attending on behalf of one invited guest, and unsure of whose name appears on the envelope; a lady from an upscale condo development company who RSVPs sans invite, “information” was passed on by her uncle she said, and uncle is not on the guest list.

Such are the horror stories I encountered during the last major event in the city. Believe me, there are more. Until now, RSVP-ing is still not a Pinoy decorum, but I wish it would. Confirmations are important because it involves more than presence. Not responding can lose you a front row seat or a chance to dine with the president at his table.

But please understand that RSVP applies to invited guests only. And if you want to proxy (if allowed) on behalf of an invited guest, make sure 1- that an invitation exists, and 2- that the invited guest phones in your name (and not yourself). But if you don’t really care that you are gate-crashing, go ahead, but don’t go ballistic if you’re denied entry. Whose fault is it anyway? 

What is the true essence of a woman?

Sushmita won the 1994 Miss Universe crown with a smart reply, but next year the transgender candidates may come up with a wittier response and win the coveted title the “real women” have been exclusively enjoying since 1952. The world is changing fast and idea of acceptance is getting broader and a little harder to comprehend, I must admit. But an open mind will always grasp these changes. Let’s see what happens.

On the local scene, Davao bet MJ Lastimosa went home title-less from her second bout for the Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title. Everyone thought she’ll bag it this round after winning two major awards, but no. “Curiosity,” her reply to her Q&A, as one of the world’s pressing problems didn’t impress the judges (or the organizer?). The rumor mill is working overtime as to what “the real reason” why she never made it to the Top 5. Intriguing.

Winning moments!

But Davao has reasons to celebrate. The Philippine Eagle Center added another eagle to the bird’s dwindling population, Sarah Duterte is nominated to the prestigious World Mayor Award, and on the lighter side, the British retailer Marks & Spencer finally opened its shop at the Abreeza Mall. That’s another destination for retail therapy. Shopaholics are rejoicing! Swipe, swipe.

What’s good to eat?

The local F&B scene is a world of gastronomic delights. Two of my favorite cuisines can be enjoyed at the Marco Polo Davao. Pinoy chefs who worked their way to the top and earned their toques should be credited - Chef Mark Anthony “Violon” Tulbanos whips up Japanese fare at Café Marco while Chef Rolando Bulilan creates Chinese delights at the Lotus Court. From sushi to buchi, you only have to head to one destination. How convenient.

A good friend, Dina M., learned a few more heavenly dessert recipes and is embarking on a food trip abroad. I can’t wait for her to be back home and show off what she can pull out of her oven. Magnifique!

Art & about.

Next week, a good friend, an artist and an art teacher Mary Anne-Guinoo will have an “out of the box” art workshop in an unconventional venue - at the Trust Home Depot. “Inspiration is everywhere,” said the artist and with that, I can’t wait how she can inspire her young and adult students and create their masterpieces. Bravo!