The half-naked man in the mall

What's this man thinking walking half-naked in the mall?


He caused quite a stir (especially among the matrons) when he appeared half-naked on the runway in the recent launching of Marks & Spencer at the Abreeza Mall in Davao City. 

The giggles (along with speedy heart rates) that followed the sharp inhalations got the organizers and executives of M&S worried. Was there something wrong with the show? Was there a wardrobe malfunction?  None of the above. It was this man's appearance on the ramp, a sculpted body on a six-foot frame to match a Greek god look, that caused the surge in the room temperature. Was the green shorts he was modeling noticed at all?

Meet 24 year-old FilAm John Spainhour. A scout sniper with the US Marines Corps turned commercial and ramp model. He recently bagged the 2012 Century Tuna Superbod title.

Photo by Enrico Gavino

Just in case you're still interested to see him with clothes on, here's how he looks.

Photo by Enrico Gavino

Photo by Enrico Gavino

So M&S image model Ryan Reynolds didn't (and will never) make it to Davao, I guess John is the next best thing. Beggars can't be choosers.