Judging FULLY BOOKED by its content... something reeking through the cover though

Not this book (or any of his books) by our very own artist.

..and artist Macky Pamintuan sailed across the globe illustrating books that made countless kids very happy....

Fully Booked I do love you and your amazing collection of books.

I even loved you more that you turned your eyes on MACKY PAMINTUAN, a Davao artist who gave life to the most amazing characters in children's books. The idea of a  book signing by this homegrown talent who made it in the international arena is so fabulous. It would have been a great avenue to honor an artist and for Davao to get to know him and his works.

Macky Pamintuan's Chapter Books

From www.mackyart.com 
From www.mackyart.com
From www.mackyart.com

Reading his FB status on April 20.....

Doing a book signing at Fully Booked - Abreeza Mall, Davao on Saturday, May 19 (4pm).

....got a lot of people excited. I even offered to do PR & Publicity on the house since I saw this kid grew up to be the incredible talent that he is.

Macky Pamintuan's Picture Books...

From www.mackyart.com

From www.mackyart.com

And then I read this ...

"I've decided to cancel the Fully Booked Abreeza book signing. No fault to the Davao staff. They're good people & did their best. 
The Fully Booked Manila HQ set odd pre-conditions that I won't agree to. Nevertheless, I'll try to set something up in the future as a nice hat tip to Davao."


Because you came up with this unbelievable (and pretty insulting) deal with this artist.

Initially, I was told that they prefer not to do provincial signings, just in Manila, but would make this exception because I'm located in Davao (how nice naman).

Then I got a message today that I had to make a sales quota assurance --- Manila had the gall to suggest I make a 50% downpayment for their sake.

An artist putting money down on a bookstore's own event? Imagine the cojones. 
That's just insulting to any artist/writer from outside Manila. I'm making absolutely no profit from doing this. I just thought this as a nice homecoming gig on my free time AND they get a nice sales boost pa. So, thanks, but no thanks. I'm nobody's dancing monkey. 
Pero, not Davao store's fault, ha. I want to make sure lang it's clear. They understand this. Totally an imperial Manila move. Sayang, they lost out on a pawis-free guaranteed sales gig. I wasn't earning anything, just my momma's pride watching me, haha.

Is this Fully Booked's normal arrangement with their invited artist?

Isn't it that the organizers should give honorarium to their invited guests appearing in any of the  establishment's money-making ventures?

Is it Fully Booked's standard practice for all their in-store promotional event to ask their invited guest to cover cost (or half) of the event they conceived?

The logic evades me.

What is clear though is you want a free gig from the artist and rake the moolah from the book sales.

Until we are enlightened as to why you came up with this crap of a deal, please suck on these lemons.
 It's on me, don't worry.

What do you know?? The BITCH even signed some for you! Isn't that sweet (or sour)?

P.S. On the brighter side. Macky Pamintuan is conceiving his very own gig. Once his books arrive from the US, he will hop from one public school to another, meet the kids, sign his books and DONATE these books to the schools he visit.