{ bitch bites } Looking forward to more of Dina's sweet treats...

{ bitch bites } tasting what's new on the menu.

Whenever Dina rings to invite for dinner, it means there is a fabulous spread awaiting her guests. The dessert, like saving the best for last, is always the most delightful part of the meal. 

We always crave for her Apple Strudel Pie then (well, until now), but her velvety Nutella Pie crowned with creamy white peaks is the current "it" dessert for the group. 

What's exciting is she embarked in a culinary exploration (read: enrolled in a baking classes) and she's quite eager to whip up new confections. The drones, me on the top of the list, will have to do our tasting duties and enjoy her divine creations. Which we did, whole-heartedly, when her class "graduated" and presented their newly-acquired culinary skills. It was a sweet treat.

Caramel Tartlets, Palmiers, Truffles (drowned in nuts- tee-hee)

Oreo Cheesecake, Orange Cake with Rhum Glaze Rhum & Chocolate Lava Cake (I want more lava please?)

From the spread, these are my favorites. 

 Savory puff pastry filled with Brie, Almonds & Parsley,  

Mango Silvanas

 Quiche Lorraine

 Cream Puff with Hazelnut Filling (a little less sweet perhaps?)

For all the dishes Dina have cooked for us in her home, she credits her teacher for it.

Chef Jun-jun de Guzman with Dina the explorer

The class of Summer 2012 with the instructor.