State of undress. But not for long.

So I got to sneak a peek at the Marks & Spencer store at the Abreeza Mall before it opens. It's the first in Davao, second in Mindanao and the 19th in the country. But this Davao store have surprises in its sleeve that the rest of the 18 other stores don't have. The set of mannequins is one, new poses for the new shop, and other noteworthy details in the store design is introduced in this newest member of the M&S family. As the head of visual merchandising put it, this 1000 square meter store is the biggest store outside Manila filled with M&S's signature lines of clothing, lingerie, beauty and food.

Yes, food. While you ladies go gaga and hoard your favorite articles of clothing (I believe it's the underwear), let me go to my preferred section. Here's what I want to fill my shopping basket with the minute the Davao M&S store opens its doors today. Yes, today, the 24th of April, Tuesday. A day earlier than their announced date. Happy?