American Idol 2012: Winnie Santos, Luz Valdez & fearless forecasts

Fearless forecast:

american photo
Fantastic singer at a young age of 16. Jessica Sanchez.

1. Jessica Sanchez will top the Billboard Charts and win a Grammy, and maybe an Oscar.

Rejoice for she's been spared from the American Idol curse (remember runner-up Jennifer Hudson?)
Besides, isn't there a recording contract waiting for her long before she reached the finals?
Congratulations Jessica, you did the Pinoys proud!

AI runner-up Jennifer Hudson winning big time.

2. Jennifer Holliday is the new, revitalized BI.

BI = Bading Idol. Expect the center stage, comedy bars, KTV joints, talent portions of gay pageants & more, to be filled with blonde wigged-cross dressers impersonating/lipsynching  (mind the facial expression, head shaking, growling & finger pointing please) the original Dream Girl and Grammy-winning legend's number on American Idol singing the "basagan ng vocal chords" (to borrow Kenneth's words) "And I am telling you".

View video for reference.

I feel this song is the new KTV "national anthem" sang in duet, replacing "Bakit ngayon ka lang," (for those who can hit the high notes, anyway).....Yes darling- I am telling you.

3. Enfernes, cute si Phillip Phillips and he will probably end up marrying Reese Witherspoon. Isn't it said that you end up with your look alike?