It comes in 3s: KC Concepcion

Charming lady and beautiful. Met KC at the presscon of the new TV show she'll be hosting, The X Factor Philippines, a reality TV show for wannabe pop stars.

Pretty. KC Concepcion.

Playtime with KC Concepcion.

In the "rapid fire" Q&A, KC seemed to grasp a clear idea of what she wants to be and wants to have given a situation. Here are 3 of some things you may not know about this young actress, TV host, humanitarian, and ok, ok, if I must- THE woman who fell in love.

3 things you can’t leave your house without.

Bottled water
Coffee in my tummy.

3 essential projects you have to do before you die.

Do an international movie
Write a book
Be a UN ambassador and have a new program

3 corporate/blue collar/non-charity careers you could have been good at if you weren’t in showbiz.
Dolphin trainer
Travel show host for the Lonely Planet
Voice over a Disney character

3 places you want to settle in.

New York City

3 men you don’t mind settling with. (not all together, of course).

Ryan Gosling
Bradley Cooper
Richard Gere

3 things men should know why they shouldn’t mess with KC.

I am upfront.
I can read between the lines.
I have the killer instinct.... like, right NOW..............(Watch out guys!)

My rapid fire play time Q&A with KC....

photos by Rudolph Ian Alama

Of course, the obligatory shot....