Condom 101

It's bothering. The HIV+ incidence in this part of the country is steadily rising and it is alarming. There were recent deaths attributed to AIDS recently. Scary.

There is the condom to protect you from getting infected. Right?

Not all the time.

Apparently, there are those who didn't sit through the entire Condom 101 class. As soon as they heard that condoms can be an effective weapon against sexually transmitted diseases, they left the classroom missing out on the proper lubricant to pair the condom with.

I heard this sad news over the weekend. There is a high number of those engaging in casual sex and use LOTION AS LUBRICANT! Totally wrong.

"Oil-based lubricants, for example petroleum-based lubricants (such as petroleum jelly), can increase the likelihood of breakage and slipping of latex condoms due to loss of elasticity caused by these lubricants. Oil may also create tiny holes in the latex." 

The safe sex drive should also the highlight the use of water-based lubricants, not just the use of condom.

Available in your favorite pharmacy.

Okay, just to be sure.

Condoms + Lotion = NOT safe sex.
Condoms + water-based lubricants = Safe Sex.

It's a set. Baka naman yung water-based lubricants lang ang gamitin at nawala na yung condom.