Linden Suites for a night

It's been a while since I spent the night in Manila. I am trying to avoid it but with the "unnatural" way our budget airlines function, it would be best if I came to Manila a night before. Better safe than sorry.

I finally got to take Linden Suites' standing offer to stay a night, it was offered ages ago. I may find a bit far for comfort (I'm used to staying in Makati since it's nearer the airport) but DOSM Kathy Salinga arranged an airport pick-up. Sweet.

Anthony navigating Manila's heavy traffic with expertise. 

An hour on road in Manila "is not too long". And everyone wonders why I avoid Manila.
I finally reached San Miguel Avenue in Ortigas.

If your business is in the area of Ortigas, then this is the perfect place for you. ADB is a few steps away.
And if your business is shopping, Shangril-la Mall, SM Mega Mall and Podium is walking distance.

Met by warm, smiling front liners.

I love the Orlina sculpture in the niche by the elevators. Looks like two figures embracing.

Rested for a while and worked a bit before meeting Laila O. of Agatep for dinner.
The rooms of Linden are service apartments, each has its own kitchen, dining area and a spacious sleeping quarter.

Dining out with Laila. Nothing fancy, a quick one at the Mercato type of dining.

Of course, I make a lotos excuses so I can eat the unhealthy food. How can you resist this crispy liempo aka crispy bacon?

The barbecued pork was also good. The zigzag thing is Laila's order.

I'm now back in my room and the bed is calling me. 

Good night Ortigas. It's been while since I visited you.