{ jeepneyjinggoy stop } Your favorite puto place has leveled up!

Remember this place?

It's everyone's favorite stop in the South of Davao where the best puto and bibingka is made. 
Mer's has leveled up from this apartment by the plaza....

The original Mer's by the plaza in Digos City

To this building along the national highway.

Mer's pasalubong center & fastfood by the Davao del Sur national highway

It has a pasalubong center and a big fastfood, probably a place to spend the night if the structure is completed.

This makes it convenient for all the Mer's fans (like me) to enjoy the favorites without having to travel to "inner Digos". Now, you'll be able to take home the goodies even if you're commuting - just ask the bus driver politely. :)

It's been ages since I made it back to these parts and it held a lot of wonderful firsts READ MORE which happened after I had these...

Comfort food. Mer's puto with tsokolate.