{ bitchbites } The hunger & the grease

{ bitchbites } Trying What's new on the menu.

The girls are back from their family vacation and "the people who lunch" are all in the city. Time for another gathering, it's been a while.

ArmyNavy + Burrito just opened in Abreeza Mall and the place was suggested. By lunch on a "Taco" Tuesday, a gang of ten adults + six kids packed the place (plus a few more patrons), giving the place a weekend vibe.

With the hype of this joint, the food must be good. I ordered the double burger that came with FREE TOPPINGS (note the bold letters) - Lettuce (single ripped leaf), Tomato (single slice 1" in diameter), Onions (3 rings), ketchup (it's free with my burger? I'm impressed!), I held off on the Mayo (thank you). 

Other than the bun with the sesame seeds and the tin foil wrapping, the burger was pretty much a glamorized Jollibee. Nothing to go ga-ga for and for the price, I was looking forward to a flame-grilled burger at least. Yup, it's still the greasy type.

The (of course it's greasy) Freedom Fries was nice though, which is pretty much the same as McDonald's Twister Fries, a nicer alternative should you be craving for french fries.

Shiny Freedom Fries.

On the board, the QUErida Mia will catch your attention and the make you order it (we all do want to flirt with danger). On the table, only 3 slices were consumed. It made its point, this querida is not a keeper. Even a one night stand won't do. 

QUErida Mia, lo siento pero yo no te quiero. 

As for the other half of the house specialty, the burritos and quesadillas, my lunch mates seem to be fine with their meals. I got shoulder shrugs and so-so replies. Maybe I'll give those a try some other time.

Our dessert was fabulous and a great ending to the meal. But it didn't come from ArmyNavy. We have to thank Malouchi G. and Monette C. for that. Malouchi gave us each a box of High Society (di ba?) macarons as pasalubong from her recent trip to Singapore, and in the absence of Monette, we got to open her box and enjoy her goodies while keeping ours intact to take home. Thank you ladies!

High Society chippy aka macarons. Thanks Malouchi! (that's he on the right)

P.S. Maybe we got too excited with each other's company that ArmyNavy, in its full battle gear, waged war against the rackety raiders and blasted us with their piped-in music on high volume. Boom! Sorry we caused a racket.

Finally, Jasper Huang said yes to taking my photo!.... The too-excited "people who lunch" vs. ArmyNavy battle music.

'Til next lunch, folks!