Picking flowers from a nest of art

This Arian Guinoo artwork will find a place in my home.

It’s mine! I was grinning after a young and potential national artist nodded when I asked if I can have her flowers. It’s the kind that doesn’t wilt, immortalized on a canvas with acrylic paint. A masterpiece created by 10-year old artisan, Arian, as her exhibition piece. It was the finale to the summer art workshop at Trust Home Depot.

Of all the students in the advance class, was she the most pressured? I pray not. That’s always the case when the class you’re in has an instructor that happens to be your mother.

In her mother's footstep. Ari with her artist mom/teacher by her masterpiece.

Yes, Arian is the workshop director’s youngest daughter. The third of all-girl siblings who all grew up giving paint brushes and dolls equal time and attention. I am impressed how Mary Anne Guinoo is exposing her kids to the fine arts, and making sure her girls enjoy it as much as she did when they were her age.

On the opening of Kids @ Art exhibit, mentor and artist Brenda Barba proudly said this of her protégé, “I am very happy to pass the torch of teaching art to kids and adults to Mary Anne. With an instructional program and exhibition like this, art in Davao will continue to thrive.” Mary Anne was elated to have her mentor grace the show as the guest of honor.

At the Kids at Art exhibition- Interior Designer Ayen Infante, TRUST Home Depot Marketing Manager Stephanie Ong, Guest of Honor Artist Brenda Barba & art teacher  Artist Mary Anne Guinoo

Ms. Barba was not only proud of how her former student turned to one most-respected nurturer of creativity in kids, she was also quite impressed with the non-traditional exhibition of artworks- a fusion of interior design and art, both disciplines close to her heart.

Sharing her surprise were the parents and guests of the young artists. They were all praises with the children’s opuses and how it looked fabulous with the complementing arrangement. “I was expecting a traditional presentation of artworks on easels and walls. This took me by surprise,” said a parent. ”I can’t help but be proud of my children’s works. All the paintings look wonderful in this set-up.” 

 Art & Design. Home design + masterpeices of young artists.

The trend-setting “art at home” exhibition was executed by Mary Anne working closely with Interior Designer Ayen Infante who said, “The stylish and sleek home appointments from NEST, the depot’s home furnishing section, were selected to compliment and highlight the main attraction- the children’s artworks. The beautiful paintings will add the burst of colors.” 

The modern Warhol-ish collage of the young artists’ portraits was eye-catching and probably the most photographed section of the exhibition. So was my other favorite, the impressionist paintings, the “flower garden” where my “very own flowers” were on display. (Thank you Arian, I can’t wait to take these flowers home!)

I must applaud these kids. They are all talented and one of them might just be a National Artist in the future. 

Stephanie Ong, TRUST Home Depot’s Marketing Manager, said of the Kids @ Art exhibition, “We are sharing our interior design ideas to the parents and guests of these young artists on how to effectively display these works of art in their own homes.”

This is just one of the exciting projects TRUST Home Depot has lined up for the year. After this successful project with artist Mary Anne Guinoo, another artist is in line to showcase her artistry, this time in the kitchen. Chef Booboo Maramba’s culinary expertise will be presenting her easy-to-prepare meals.

Watch out, waistlines!

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Published in Sun.Star Davao on June 3, 2012.