The Best Dressed List : 48th Hijos de Dabaw

Fashions fade, style is eternal. – Yves San Laurent.

Elegant and tasteful are the best words to describe these impeccably dressed individuals in the recently celebrated 48th Hijos ng Dabaw, Davao’s foremost social event gathering generations of descendants of the city’s pioneering families and its growing members.

Topping my women’s list was exquisitely dressed Vivien Galang donning a Terno by Maxie Cinco of Panne Velvet in old rose with tulle overlay and Lesage-inspired bead work.

Vivien Galang in Maxie Cinco

Amy Soriano-Diano in Rajo Laurel

Katrina Reta in Bobby Castillo

Milen Garcia-Albano in Rajo Laurel & Lorna Llama in Juliet Pamintuan

Bebot Estanislao in Limited & Joy Dizon-Mijares in Kasuotan

Jackie Garcia Dizon & Tanya Rabat-Tan in Patahian

For the men, Michael Dakudao adds another impressive piece to his remarkable collection of Barong Tagalogs. The Mae & Carmaela Alcantara piece was created from Pinukpok na Jusi in charcoal grey accented with an ethnic pattern embellished with mother-of-pearl discs.

Mike Dakudao

Tommy Monteverde

Eric Barnett

Sim Soriano & Junior Diano

Tom Monteverde & Gerivic Cabreros

Siblings Robbie & Carlo Aguilar & AC Sian

This year, it was the mono-toned Ternos that stood out as the most elegant while the younger men are looking dashing in perfectly tailored Braong Tagalogs and coat and ties with slim tapered pants showing as if telling their elders “this is how you wear it.”

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