The color of heaven

LAZULI is the color of heaven.

It was one of the longest extent of time I was awake these past years. More than thirty-six hours and at this age, I don’t think my body can handle the absence of sleep lest I will hallucinate. The poor service of the airline I chose was not helping either. I don’t need the added stress.

Starting the day early, making the most of the final day in Siem Reap and taking the red-eye flight back to Manila, an eight-hour lay, add another two hours ++ due to flight delay, an hour and a half flight back to Davao totaled to thirty-six hour of wakefulness. It was a formula to how to make a zombie. You can’t imagine how much taxing that is for a middle-aged man and how slow the body can recuperate and attain full power.

But there was a blessing that awaited me upon arriving to the city- Marco Polo Hotel. I was transported to the hotel from the airport and went directly to the chic oasis in the city- Lazuli Spa.

My session was already chosen for in advance, I didn’t have to browse through the spa menu where an extensive listing of pampering services are offered by Lazuli. PR Manager Meg Sta. Ines knew exactly what I needed after a grueling long travel.

On a time like this, nothing can be more perfect than a Jet Lag Massage. This is a relaxing 90-minute massage using a combination of essential oils known as the travel blend, with muscle stretching to relieve pain, tension and cramps.

Then to revive the tired and dry facial skin due to lack of sleep, the Tranquility Aromatherapy Facial was in order. Lavender essential oil is blended with citrus and rice scrub to gently exfoliate the skin. The treatment continues with an egg and oatmeal mask removing dull surface skin, and finished off with a nourishing and moisturizing blend of carrot juice and Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Lazuli’s treatment rooms are one of the best in the few spas I had the chance to visit. The rooms are well-appointed and individually fitted with it’s own steam and shower room and the other amenities of a deluxe room of a chic hotel. The music was in the right volume and lighting perfect.

I have to admit that after easing my tight muscles in the steam room, showered and coming out refreshed into the treatment room, settling on the comfortable bed, and started my treatment, I immediately entered Lazuli heaven. My dream had the wonderful scent of flowers in it.

Though I wish I could stay longer, my three hours in paradise was over. But that was enough to rejuvenate this weary traveler. I know what to get and where to get it when I get back from my travel—a well-deserved Royal pampering at Lazuli Spa.

Lazuli Spa is at the 4th level of Marco Polo Davao. For more information visit their website at or call 221-0888 loc 7280.

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