August 2012 musing: What the F!

A quick visit to my other home was just fabulous!


NOTHING beats when the family’s head count is complete. After a couple of years, our youngest two siblings and their families flew back home for a month-long visit. Frisco in Texas may be their current residence address but Davao will always be home. Once again, the house where we all grew up in came alive.

Children, naughty or nice, will always liven up the home.

I still say that kids, naughty or nice, really does emit positive vibe wherever they are. Their gleeful shrieks and laughter is just what the “old house” need. The occasional scolding to rouse them in the morning, finish the food on their plates, herd them to the shower to bath or hurry in dressing up or we’ll be late bring back fond memories of the past. I can relate, I was one of those kids in the past—probably even worse.

With their vacation time over, it’s back to reality for all. It was extremely fun! I love this family!

A (too) short visit to my other home to catch up with my other family was great. Heading to the island during habagat season is a personal preference. I don’t mind the occasional rain (I hope my sister and her family don’t, too) in exchange for lesser people (than the peak season) along the beach. The weather has been kind to us and let the sun shine giving us a wonderful skin color to take back home to Davao.

Welcoming family to my other the island I call home.


Minus mom (in body, I am pretty sure she will forever be with us in spirit), whom we all miss terribly, the dining table in the “old house” seated the family again. It needed more seats this time though, the tree sprouted more fruit.

The last lechon of the season.

With everyone in town, it called for a feast – everyday! This past month can rival the number of lechon episodes I had over the recent Yuletide season. We had it at home, in another home, and another, on the boat at the beach, just about anywhere the family can gather. I don’t mind that at all. Who can resist the crispy skin and succulent meat of this Pinoy fiesta staple?


And speaking of fiestas, the city’s recent Kadayawan festival was another
success. The (super) long weekend had something to contribute. It put everyone in the fiesta spirit knowing they can stay home and rest for a couple of days after dancing on the streets, rocking in the parks, star gazing and shopping in the malls, and indulging on food treats to the max. Davao makes the Philippines more fun to visit indeed!

The 2012 Kadayawan was a blast.

Fabulous deals.

When traveling and looking for a place to stay, I always refer to It offers the most comprehensive information about a hotel and its vicinity. And during this festive season in the city, they came up with a good reason why they should come and visit Davao – fabulous Kadayawan hotel deals offered until September! Call it an extended celebration. global campaign says this of our city,” For an urban Davao experience, visitors will find plenty to do in Davao city. Historic architecture, cathedrals, Buddhist temples, and the People's Park give travelers a variety of different cultural aspects to explore. There is also a generous selection of modern malls in Davao, for those who can't pass up the possibility of finding a local sale. To see Davao during one of its most exciting times, make the most of's low rates by clicking to


I have a confession to make, I escaped the wild city revelry for a couple of nights to catch one of my favorite groups on earth as they perform their acrobatic feat in Saltimbanco. Ever since I caught my first Cirque du Soleil show, Quidam”, in Hong Kong, I promised myself to catch all of their shows if I can. I saw their mother of shows “O” in Las Vegas, and “Varekai” in Manila. So when the circus came to town, I had to see it. 

Cirque-ing with fab friends in Saltimbanco.

Sadly, the Saltimbanco performed at the Arena in MOA and not inside their usual tent set-up, and took the circus vibe from everything. It wasn’t that “complete” for me and to view it through a glass pane and a video camera in front of you “on my preferred best seat in the house” didn’t help at all. 

I fought for this seat (J-1 Section 213) believing that I will have the same view as the tent set-up.
Here's what I got.....this view from my seat at the Arena. CHAKA!


The upgrade (much appreciated Chef Joie!) was nice but viewing the show 45 degrees from the center was not as fun. Dear Cirque du Soleil and Hoopla, bring back the tent!

My up-graded seat. Closer it may be, viewing the show at 45 degrees vantage point from the center of the stage wasn't as nice as what my tent seat offered me.

Of Apples & Lemons.

Fuming friends

But to make Davao more fun, our service industry has to arm themselves with well-trained staff. Sadly, this star-studded hotel have this kind of employee within their team (I don’t know how to call it). Let me pass on this unfortunate experience of a friend to you….

Oh my God, nagwala si Kim kaninang umaga sa Watefront Hotel. Makainit ng ulo super! They are so unreliable & very unprofessional.”

We went there to ask (we were all still inside the vehicle at this point) if we could go to Paradise through their jetty port. The person Kim was talking to was the Bell Captain himself a guy named Randy. Then he said yes, we asked how much he said P200 & he even asked us how many we were.

So we got off the car and this guy told us to go straight to the jetty & wait there for around 10 minutes. Cut to 20 minutes and we were still there waiting.

We walked back to the beach where a guard was stationed (who by the way was walking around with his finger around the trigger of his baby armalite!!!) and asked if he could radio & follow up.

Oh my goodness Jing! He kept saying that he couldn't contact the lobby & that he told us to wait for 15 more minutes then he walked away to stroll on the beach! Can you imagine?!

So we decided to leave and when we got to the lobby, ayun na. Nag wild na si Kim. The concierge told us, THE SAME GUY MIND YOU, that they don't service non-hotel guests pala. And that he relayed the message to the guard etc. (here he starts blaming other people). So now Kim is hell bent on writing & even talking the people who are supposedly managing that hotel. If you have their email addresses, I'd appreciate it. I got the name of the GM, Guanzon. Thanks dah!

Other than that, we had a lovely time at Paradise. The service of the people there, from the boatmen to their own security guards, put Waterfront Insular to shame.

Paging Mr. Guanzon. Has this been addressed?

Sorry to say this but here's another "F" for you... fruits! and it comes in the form of lemons. Thirty-five would be a nice number, one for every minute this group waited for their non-existent ride?

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