{ jeepneyjinggoy stop } Siem Reap Temple Tour Tips

Just about every blog and tour advisory that appear in the Google search will give you these tips on your temple tour in Siem Reap:

1. Dress lightly (bring extra clothes, umbrella, sun block) for the Cambodian heat can be punishing.
2. Bring water. Self-explanatory. But if you insist, it's to water the plants along the way.
3. Apply insect repellant. It can repel buzzing creatures/pests other than insects.
4. Bring extra batteries & memory cards for your camera. Believe me, you will need it.

All tips above proven to be true. I speak from experience.

So our temple tour in Siem Reap began.... Read more <click here>

Here's what I covered on Day 1.
Yup, just three.
The beauty of these temples slowed us down. There's just too many Kodak moments.

Banteay Srei....

Ta Keo...

Ta Prohm...