Sail away, sail away, sail away….

It’s time to embark on another journey.

So Krissy decided to tie the knot (or was it Daan who chose to? I guess we’ll never know.) and embark on another journey in life. The way they chose – nautical. It was perfect!

Traditional is nice – something old, something new and something blue, bride in white walking down the aisle, men in suits, women in gowns, huge tiered cakes, bride and groom on the top layer no different from where they are put – their own lovely table like lovebirds on a stage where everyone in the ballroom watch them like telenovela stars on TV.

But I like the non-traditional celebration more (I’m not here to ruin every bride’s dream, to make it clear). It’s quick and hassle-free. Stress is there, I believe, but the level is not as great. Or, is it the same? I will never know for I will never be a bride. 

For Krissy and Daan, they chose something blue and other snippets from the traditional celebration—cutting of the cake (Pastry Queen Booboo Maramba’s no less), toast by the best man (Kim your speech was the amusingly the best!) and the party loot bag with “everything Daan” in it (Belgian chocolate quick mix and waffle. Sweet!). 

Something blue would have to be the entire theme of the dinner. The nautical theme was just perfect! I guess Krissy loves the sea as much as her sister Nikki does. Kim, too. Me, three.

The sailboats, sprinkling of white sand, a chandelier of seashells, a bursting of exotic blooms with azure tints, and the so-lovingly folded paper boats with white lifesaver mints that floated on the wavy white napkins as name card holders. These spell f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s.

Taking at heart and believing that I should be dressed up in theme, I came in my version of nautical look in white pants and blue and white striped shirt. Thank you denim jacket, I didn’t look like a hired performer/magician/deck cleaner who appeared in the middle of the dining hour with a room filled with guests in their cocktail garb. Awkward. It’s one of those times I can say that it’s good to know a lot of people, and these are the one filling the room. Saved. I have no need to pull out a rabbit and a dove from a makeshift sailor’s hat. 

Something blue continues on at the next stop of the celebration, at the Blue Room of the same hotel where we relived our days in Liquid, the club that I breastfed to stardom in its days of glory. Who says I can’t be a mother even if I chose not to wed?

My best wishes to the new couple and bon voyage!

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