White wonders by Argento del Salvador

Loving the silver bespoke pieces of Argento del Salvador.

The 37" Mesh Scarflet with Oxidized tips came first....

And for the 3/4Q-2012 collection, The Mesh family has grown.
It lengthened, grew twice its width and gave birth to more covetous silver wonders.
The 42" x 2" Mesh Scarflet:

The 37" Mesh Scarflet in Oxidized finish.
The color of this is in the darkest shade of grey.

Doubling the purpose, doubling the fun!
Lengthening the pieces to the specifications of the client, this jewelry can now be used as a scarf/necktie and a belt.
Scarflet no more. The 50" Mesh Belt with Buckle

Evenings made more fun.
This reminds me of my lola. Talk about heirloom pieces.
You can bequeath your stylish silver pieces to your heirs. They'll thank you for it.
The 6" x 5" Silver Mesh Purse.

Aside from the mesh pieces, Argento del Salvador comes up with exciting one-of-a-kind pieces in its collection. 

The Drumstick Necklace.
It looks like the jackstone pieces.

These androgynous jewelry is just fabulous. It looks hip on both men & women.
The Cuff. Hammered silver with braided leather straps (in tan, chocolate brown and black).