Celebri-trees at Trust Home Depot

Trust Home Depot, the one-stop home & lifestyle store, spreads Christmas cheers with “Celebri-trees”. “Celebri-trees” are specially decorated Christmas trees by four of Davao’s respected personalities in their fields of expertise— Otoy Mercado, make-up artist; Adeline Infante, interior designer; Erwin Tan, fashion designer; and, event stylist, Annie Lim—using the inexpensive holiday decors of Trust Home Depot.

Each talented artist showcases their individual talents in decorating their Christmas trees. “It’s pretty much how we decorate my own Christmas trees at home,” said the Davao personalities.

“The trick is to make it your own,” said Adeline Infante, “put your personality forward when you’re decorating. In my case, I used paint brushes and added it to my traditional decors.”

Adeline Infante's "Artist-Tree"

Detail of Adeline Infante's "Artist-Tree"

Adeline Infante, Interior Designer.
Norman Vincent Peale once said "Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. " This perfectly encapsulates my thoughts and what I love about this season.

Annie Lim agrees. “I create themed events and the decors are the best way to convey the message. Since Christmas is for the young, I integrated toys into my decoration to make it livelier.”

Annie Lim's "Toyland"

Detail of Annie Lim's "Toyland"

Annie Lim. Event Stylist.
My favorite part of Christmas is decorating homes and cooking for Noche Buena with the family.

For Otoy Mercado, Christmas decorations are like jewelry. ”I love collecting unique pieces and I add a new decor every year but make sure it’s in the colors that match with the rest of my collection. Throughout the years, I have accumulated conversation pieces to adorn my tree.” 

Otoy Mercado's "Yuletide Glimmer"

Detail of Otoy Mercado's "Yuletide Glimmer"

Otoy Mercado, Makeup Artist.
My favorite part of Christmas is early Christmas morning when everything is quiet and peaceful. It's when memories of my childhood come rushing back. Despite the calm, I am overwhelmed with the spirit of joy and festivity of the season.

“I love the shade of white and the glimmer I added to it,” shared Erwin Tan. ”I specialize in wedding dresses and I treated this Christmas tree like one of my beaming brides.”

Erwin Tan's "Silver"

Detail of Erwin Tan's "Silver"

Erwin Tan, Fashion Designer
My favorite part of Christmas, aside from the gifts, is the feeling of happiness that fills the air. Everything seems light and the magic of Christmas brings out the spirit of kindness and generosity in everyone.

“Celebri-trees” is Trust Home Depots way of sharing decorating tips for the holiday season. View the Christmas trees and shop the components at Trust Home Depot, Ecoland Drive, Quimpo Boulevard, Matina (formerly Task Force Davao). Telephone numbers 298-7878 and 295-3588.

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