October musings: Everyday is a halloween

Of all the clothing in the closet, the hardest to get rid off are the pieces stitched with false empowerment. Ill-fitting it may be, there are those who still want to squeeze into them and wear soapboxes for shoes. Believe me, people will see through the “power dressing” and see a clown. If you have these pieces in your wardrobe, get rid of it. Being real will always be fashionable.

Davao media pratictioners protesting objectionable provisions of RA 10176

I love Halloween. It’s always fun to dress up. However, it seems that to many, they made it an everyday event. There is a proper wardrobe for everything.

The Guy Fawkes mask.

Public figures are open to criticisms by the people who elected them into power, most especially when caught plagiarizing. Suddenly a new law was implemented— the Republic Act 10175 aka the Cybercrime Prevention Act—beating the RH Bill and making the Guy Fawkes mask a must-wear. 

Maliit lang talaga ang maskara. Well, malapad din naman kasi ang fez.
As long as the message is delivered, ok na rin.

The Pinoys are opposing the objectionable provisions of this law. The Supreme Court may have issued a TRO, but like what it is, it’s temporary. The war is far from over.

The tailors of power suiting and clown costumes.

That’s us, who else?!?! Those seeking political positions have presented themselves to us for measurements during the filing of Certificate of Candidacy. Check the roster of candidates and you can say that the circus has started. We should be more discerning in choosing whom we should elect as rulers lest we see another clown on the podium. 

Maybe you voted Noynoy because he is Ninoy's son. Would you vote for this guy because he looks like Ninoy.

In the Christmas spirit.

It’s true, the Philippines have the longest Christmas celebration and I am proud of it. This just shows how loving and giving we truly are. As the first day of the “Ber” months set in, yuletide carols fill the airwaves and the adornments dusted off to hang.

At the Trust Home Depot, four Davao celebrities shared their spirit of the holidays and suggested that Christmas trees are best dressed up with your own personality and that makes it unique.

Forever summer.

Lucky us the tropical weather makes us a flip-flops republic. There are countless brands dressing up this comfy footwear and a couple making it pop culture phenomenon. Another popular Brazilian label, with Supermodel Giselle Bundchen as its image model, sashayed to the forefront of casual fashion and presented its collection. Ipanema now is no longer just in Rio de Janeiro, it’s all around the globe and we don’t mind wearing it. 

Another Brazilian star- Ipanema flipflops.

The peacock-plumed peahen & the Ipanema flipflops

The crown is for the queen.

The Material Girl will forever be the queen. She has smashed generation gaps and expanding her realm with her music. The constant reinventions has made her forever in vogue-- collaborating with her allies, royalties of the fashion world, is doing her good.

Gaultier conical bra redux. The MDNA 2012 concert tour of the queen.

Seeing her perform must be in everyone’s bucket list. She has always been in mine and now I can proudly say, I can check that entry on my list. I caught her in Houston and I therefore conclude she is indeed THE queen. 

The white dress.

From the very first time I “wore” Sadako she has become my uniform.

Sadako partying in Boracay.

I said I was going to wear it for Halloween on my visit to NYC. The wig was lightweight but not the white dress. So I opted not to take it and leave space for new stuff to take home. It would have been a riot to scare (and not get mugged) the locals on the subway and Times Square! The photo-ops would have been fabulous!

Sadako in NYC's Times Square would have caused a riot!

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Published in Sun.Star Davao newspaper on November 4, 2012.