It comes in 3s: Mj Lastimosa

It was “almost the universe” for Mj Lastimosa. The Bb. Pilipinas-Universe crown slipped from her grasp—twice, but it never derailed her from her life plan, she has a Plan B. Though it’s true that a title will open doors of opportunities, Mj believes in the values of hard work, which will ultimately earn her the other crown- entrepreneurial success.

Mj Lastimosa is very inch a beauty queen

Fresh, regal and no signs of fatigue after a long trip home, Mj welcomed her guests to the opening of her new business venture- Enforma Spa and Slimming Center. Why this, I asked, and like a true beauty queen she replied, ”I want to get into a business that I believe in with results that I can personally attest to. Ayokong nangloloko ng tao (I don’t want fooling people).” Her toned body is the result of the slimming program she underwent, the same process she’s offering in her center now.

MJ's beauty & wellness business venture

After the inauguration and blessing, I sat with Mj for my playtime “it comes in 3’s” rapid fire Q&A. (This Q&A is purely for fun. Don’t take this too seriously, dear readers).

What are three things you can’t leave your house without?

My heels
and cellphone

Three essential projects you want to do before you die?

Joining the national beauty pageant, which I already did
Open a business,
and, build a house.

Three beauty queens you emulate?

Dayana Mendoza (Ms. Universe 1978 from Venezuela)
Margarita Moran (Ms. Universe 1973)
and Shamcey Supsup (Ms. Universe 2011 3rd Runner Up)

Three things you love about beauty pageants?

The fans
the experience
and the friends.

And the three things you don’t like about it?

The criticisms
the stress
and the expectations.

Three of your best assets?

Best asset? Umm, ok so this is from the fans, they say I have a nice body,
my smile
and my determination.

Three of your most memorable pageants?

Mj: Mutya ng Dabaw is number one,
Bb. Pilipinas 201,
and  Bb. Pilipinas 2012.

Three most difficult questions you were asked in a pageant?

What makes you happy?
Where is your family?
That’s difficult?
Because I have to explain!
Ok. And the last one?
Which crown would you want to win?

And turning the tables, the three questions you would ask the candidates if you were the judge?

What are your preparations for this pageant?
How much do you want to win this pageant?
and, Did someone force you to join this pageant or decided for yourself that you want to be a beauty queen?

Three things you will never do to win a crown?

(Chuckling)..Hindi ko alam kung totoo eh, but I will never, yung sinasabi nilang, um, kokontakakin mo yung kakilala mo who knows the judges….use your contacts;
second, hindi ako maninira ng candidates para manalo;
At hindi ako magpapaka-fake para manalo.

Three countries you want to be crowned in?

(laughs) I want to be crowned in the United States,
in Saudi Arabia because that’s where my father is from,
and of course, the Philippines.

Three careers you will be good at if you were not a beauty queen?

Being an engineer,
a make-up artist,
and I think being an enthusiast of wellness and fitness.

Three men who’ll make you feel like you’re the most beautiful woman in the world?

Ang hirap, wala pang men….(laughing)...

Wag mo seryosohin ito. It's like "the three men you admire most and won't mind settling with, not all at the same time of course...

I would pick Brad Pitt, of course.
Derek Ramsey, my all time crush.
At si Jericho Rosales.

Three things men should know why they shouldn’t mess with MJ?

I’m very independent so I don’t mind them leaving me,
I am not an easy girl,
and I respect people. So, if I respect him, he should respect me.

Three lessons you’ve learned from the recent pageant?

Don’t listen to the people around you,
be open to whatever the result of the pageant will be,
and learn from it.

Lastly, the three reasons why you should be crowned Miss Universe?

Ganun?.. (laughing)….because I believe I have what it takes,
I know people have seen it in me,
and I know what I can offer a lot.

If it were up to me, she’ll take home the crown. Mj Lastimosa is such a classy lady, charming, real, intelligent, and every inch a beauty queen.

Visit Enforma Spa & Slimming Center at Door #5, Grand Mensneg Hotel, Magallanes Street, Davao City. Telephone 304-1693.

Thank you Kenneth Ong for the wonderful shots!

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