Forever 21 opening fashion show: Apples or Lemons?

When the US brand clothing store announced its opening, the fans were giddy with excitement and eager to attend its inauguration.

The venue had a ramp set-up which only meant the program would include a fashion show. Expected was a presentation that will showcase the must-have "trending on and off the world's runways" collection the store carries, and the multitude of other looks  the consumer can achieve from the "exciting and eclectic lines" the brand is offering.

With these looks on the invite and press kit, the fashion show looked very promising....

From the wide assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories in Forever 21's vast 1,400 square meter retail space, these were the handpicked, ramp-worthy looks the fashion forward US brand styled and pushed to the forefront to highlight the store and its collection on the well-attended opening day in Davao City.

Fashion forward enough for apples or lemons?