Missed connection

After months of planning, I was all set for another exciting adventure to the place I said I wasn't going to visit until 2014. I had my share of visiting its various states that each one is starting to look the same to me. 

But there are circumstances that will make me eat my words, this is one of those. 
It was "ring, ring, ring goes the telephone" and I get a once in a lifetime invitation to catch everyone's favorite "lola" perform live, I'm suddenly "hung up" on the thought that finally I will see the queen sing, dance, get up and do her thing-- from the tenth row. How closer can this die hard Pinoy get?

All set to go....


Unfortunately, the Philippine Airlines 6:20PM PR 814 flight from Davao to Manila was so delayed that I will miss the connecting 10PM PR 102 flight to L.A. Toink!

I would have (or should have) been ranting and raving over this, but somehow I didn't. 

Me not doing a Claudine B over this delay and causing a domino effect with my other scheduled-by-the-day plans in the US? 

No, I didn't and it was surprising I must admit. Maybe it was the lugaw with loads of garlic I was enjoying that calmed me down. 

Or seeing the friendly faces of Ricky and Babyruth who were making sure I was taken care well of. (Thank you very much guys!) 

Or there are things that do happen for a reason. This one is beyond anyone's control so why fret and fuss? (ang bait ko ano? Di kapani-paniwala?)

There were no other options but to rebook my flights for the next day.
I am crossing my fingers that I get approval for the couple of requests I made-- comfort and convenience. :)

After calling the people that I should inform of the delay, I ended calling up Meg of Marco Polo and she invited me over to join other friends , Marissa and Carmina (who were shooting for their magazine), for dinner to try the hotel's coming Holiday offerings at The Deck. I hopped on their airport van.

Smiling faces always lift the spirit up. Add a fantastic spread and the tandem is unbeatable. This was one of the reasons that I am still in Davao. (Talk about instant gratification!) Thank you Lord, thank you Universe for these blessings!

Happiness! with Meg, Marissa & Carmina.

Marco Polo's new front office manager, Franz Completo, with the F&B Manager, Ian Mendoza.

Catching up with the GM, Bruno Simeoni

And we feasted on the soon-to-be-offered holiday dishes of The Deck

A glimpse of how to celebrate the holiday season with style and fun....
The Foie Gras

The Rack of Lamb

The Calf Liver Flambe

There's also the Crown of Roast Pork and the Barbary Duck... and this fantastic Berry Based dessert.

The evening turned out to be wonderful.
For this, let me thank Marco Polo Davao .... in behalf of PAL na rin. :)

In a little while (it's the day after), I am off to the airport--again.

After last night's "blessing FROM the sky", I am soooo looking forward to the "blessing IN the sky'!
PAL please say YES to my requests.