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Revamped and fitted with enhanced technology, the hemodialysis unit of Southern Philippines Medical Center is now the biggest treatment center in the country equipped with state-of-the-art machines.

SPMC's newest addition- the Dialysis Center Annex; the new automated reprocessing machines & dialyzer storage room; and, the newly renovated dialysis center

The community hospital formerly known Davao Medical Center (DMC) has undergone changes under the ward of Dr. Leopoldo Vega as the Chief of Hospital. The health center has been undergoing improvement and upgrading, and the dialysis unit is one of them. Geared towards its vision of becoming the premier medical center in the East Asean region, the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) recently strengthened their partnership with Fresenius Medical Care and inaugurated a newly renovated and expanded Mindanao Dialysis Center.

Now operating with a 55-bed capacity, Mindanao Dialysis Center boasts of its upgraded facilities— it bears a bigger and superior water treatment system, first class automated reprocessing machines, a remarkable dialyzer storage room and brand new 5008s Fresenius dialysis machines. 

Fresenius' latest -- state-of-the-art 5008s dialysis machine at MDC

It’s a far cry from where it all started. It was once a one-bed capacity renal care unit in 1983 with one single-pass hemodialysis machine. By 1987, the city government donated three modern machines to the Davao Medical Center plus four more machines in the succeeding year increasing the hemodialysis unit’s capacity to seven.

With the hospital’s desire of giving proper and updated hemodialysis treatment to more patients, Davao Medical Center forged a partnership with Fresenius Medical Care and announced the plan for a 20-bed capacity Hemodialysis Unit. On December 15, 2003, DMC formally opened a state-of-the-art Dialysis Unit and renamed it Mindanao Dialysis Center.

Ronilo Quinio- Managing Director of MCPI, Frank Wagner- Fresenius Medical Care Senior Vice-President for Asia Pacific, Bong Vega- SPMC Chief of Hospital & Ricardo Sd. Justol- SPMC Administrative Officer

By the following year, the 20-bed capacity of Mindanao Dialysis Center was fully maximized. Addressing the need to receive more patients, the Davao Medical Center and Fresenius Medical Care created an extension wing and added fourteen more machines. 

99 Commercial- Fresenius local distributor, Booboo & Alex Maramba & Gloria Carandang

No sooner, the center was again occupied to its maximum patient capacity and had to refer newly diagnosed patients to other dialysis centers for medical care. Meanwhile at the MDC, the waitlist for treatment was still averaging at 150 patients.

Today, the recent refurbishment, expansion and upgrading of the Mindanao Dialysis Unit of the Southern Philippines Medical Center (formerly DMC), with highly-qualified health professionals and Fresenius Medical Care as its partners, is the institution’s validation that it is staying true to its vision of ceaselessly providing the best and most efficient care to its patients.

SPMC's nephrologists

Amidst all of Mindanao Dialysis Center’s modernization and breakthrough, SPMC promises to keep the renal treatment packages at the most affordable cost. The partnership with the private sector such as Fresenius Medical Care is making low-cost hospital care possible.

Dr. Vega said, “The main reason we are all here is that we need serve the people who have less in life. As President Magsaysay once said ‘Those who are less in life should have more in health’. And I think this is one of the reasons why we went into a partnership for a long time with Fresenius because basically this kind of strategy can promote not only the treatment of kidney patients, acute and chronic, but also improve the health outcomes of a community.”

Congratulations to SPMC and the Mindanao Dialysis Center. May you continue to give quality healthcare to the Dabawenyos, the Mindanawans and everyone else who need care the most.

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