Cirque du Ipanema

Ipanema’s Urban Jungle Fashion Show was pretty much like an episode of Cirque du Soleil sans the acrobatics but with a generous display of colors, costumes and choreography, a parade of creatures of the Amazon and African plains—the playful dolphin, the graceful gazelle, the proud peacock, the majestic eagle, the ferocious wolf, and the king of the beasts— translating stories captivating each style and taste of the brand’s latest footwear collection. It was a unique, fun and fierce unraveling of the fabulous “fauna” of this Brazilian brand’s new flipflop styles for the stylistas of the urban jungle— a color, print and pattern for every character in the city.

Ipanema has long since created a name synonymous to creativity and fun, a style vibe not just in Brazil but around the globe where the fashionistas thrive. With the amazingly comfortable footwear the brand has created, Ipanema can easily encourage anyone to indulge and be part of the urban fashion jungle.

(Photo credits: Karlo Tomas)

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Seen at the event.....

Kathy Tesoro with Patxi Elizalde

Arriana & Rochelle del Rosario

Javi Fernandez & Sophia Elizalde