December musings: The Haunting of Psy

Korea invades Saigon

It has become a cultural phenomenon (which I don’t- and never will- get) thanks to YouTube, the Gangnam Style is today’s “I will always love you” (Whitney Houston’s) and “My heart will go on” (Celine Dion’s) – all irritating (to me). Sorry but I am not a fan of the plump oriental cowboy in tuxedo twirling an invisible lasso and galloping. Surprisingly, the “Psy style” was embraced even by the musicdom’s royalties, Queen Madonna is one of them, and to top it all, it won awards in Europe and the US.

Just like video going viral, Psy’s creation has become an epidemic worst than the bubonic plague that found its way into the vulnerable state of the humans, the Dabawenyos are not spared from the infection. Proof of which were the parties I attended this holiday season.

First up, the DOT XI gathering. If there is one person who can gather the city’s tourism and media big wigs in one room, it would be the well-loved Regional Director. Though there was live musical entertainment, the DOT regional office performed their holiday offering to their guests. Perking up everyone is the raffle draw with prizes courtesy of the city hotels, resorts and a local airline to its new routes. Lucky me, I won a buffet treat for two in a fab hotel resto and a trip to Dipolog (time to bond with Jose Rizal).

Psy pops up in the DOT party but not during RD's performance.

Somehow Psy was able to pop in and join the festivity. Delightful shrieks amongst the crowd, plastered smile on my face. But maybe I’m the only one so don’t mind me. Overall, it was a fun party, as usual.

Seen at the Department of Tourism Christmas party:

General Managers Mitzi Cañafranca & Eldi Bontia

Edge's Publisher Tony Ajero & Marissa Te Eng Fo

The Davao Media

Baby Montemayor, Gene Bangayan, Marco Polo's Bruno Simeoni & Em Mauhay

Radisson Park Inn's Meg Sta. Ines & Thea Dimaano

Then there was the annual “house party” of Marco Polo Hotel where all departments were merged into four teams to battle it out for the “Best Performer of the Year”. Never mind the prize for it pales in comparison to a team’s production expense, it’s the title that counts most.

Marco Polo Hotel's themed party for 2012

This year’s theme was Saigon, and the Kims and GIs took to the stage and interpreted the bar scenes of the historic Southern Vietnam capital. What I didn’t know was how Korea took part in all of it and invaded the territory with galloping Psy on the forefront. Surprise!

Tigidig, tigidig... guess who came to the party?

Seen at the Marco Polo Hotel's Christmas party:

Bien Tan, Em Mauhay, Sonny Dominguez, (seated) Rosie Dominguez, Cynthia Dominguez & Eric Waldburger

Hans Hauri & Bruno Simeoni

Sun.Star Davao’s fete was next. Who will sit on the throne this year? It’s always a battle for power between Editorial and Marketing but the Accounting team called in reinforcement, a Korean nuclear power. 

Psy is a one of the "Few of my Favorite Things" of the Von Trapp family.

However, even with Psy on their climb-every-mountain side, they were no match to the Marketing department and its ally, the red French forces—the Moulin Rouge.

The French maidens beat the German singing troop to take home the crown

Seen at the SunStar Davao Christmas party:

Editor-in-Chief Stella Estremera, SunStar President Gina Atienza & Sports Columnist Imee Garcia

Columnists Henry Tacio, Imee Garcia, that's me, Editor Nelson Bagaforo &  Joyce Ricarse

I was out last night with friends for our yearly gathering and I have noticed that the kids are outnumbering the adults in attendance. The age gap may be there – they sang along with Rhiana while we sang along to Spandau Ballet and its 80’s clique. But there were tunes that know no age, like Gangnam Style, which we were not a fan of, not even as background music for parlor games.

Annual gathering of the group... the other halves (of some) are in the next table.

The kids have outnumbered the adults in attendance.

Just like clothes or hairstyle, music is fashionable. There are some that become a classic – the smoking jacket, the bob, Home -- and a lot don’t—the puffed sleeves, the tsunami bangs, Barbie Girl. Every now and then we reminisce the past and look through our photo albums and videos and we smile (if we like what we see) or shriek (if we don’t), and I am pretty sure your Gangnam Style on video will be one of the latter -- a nightmare that you wish you’d wake up from.

Your favorites today may be your nightmare tomorrow.... Just like your Gangnam....

But do you really care what I say? As long as you are enjoying yourself to the max with the arm twirling and galloping, by all means do so. And while you’re at it, why not join the DOH in the campaign against firecrackers? Put your fun to good use save some fingers from being blown off.

Put your Gangnam to good use & join the DOH campaign against firecracker use (gma foto)

Have a happy new year everyone! It was a fabulous 2012 and I would like to thank you for following this column (if you’ve gone this far, you’re one of the few who actually reads) and there will be more exciting stories to tell in the coming year.

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