Our big man turns 80

Youngest child & only girl was escort to the big man who turned 80.

TWO celebrations- one to end the year and the other, to welcome the coming year, this is how we always remember December 31st and January 1st. It is family tradition that Dad’s luncheon party is an intimate gathering of family and friends. After of which, the home is preened immaculately to usher in the New Year.

Golfer forever.

The most recent celebration was special—Dad turned 80. It was dinner held at eldest son’s residence, a larger venue to accommodate a slightly bigger party but nothing fancier for Dad always wanted it casual, relaxed and nothing cheesy.

As much as we wanted all the siblings in attendance, one can’t make it back home. 

Lacking one- the youngest boy.

All in the family... missing Eki, DIane & Iya... and of course mommy.

And filling in for mom’s absence (who never ceased looking over us) are the rest of her siblings with their families who flew in to join dad’s big day. 

Dad with all of mom's siblings

Lolo with the apos

Mayee, Joji, Trixie, Let, Izzy, Bea, Malu & Tess

This was just a glimpse of how this man is so loved by many.

When the clock stuck midnight. Happy 2013!

With a bunch of the craziest grandchildren (who took clearly took after their dads) and a couple of the coolest aunts to match their madness, there was never a dull moment in the house, most especially when the clock struck midnight when everyone got into a more heightened celebratory mood.

3 generations of craziness

Mary couldn't have been more proud rolling on the river.....

Ray C. meets Stevie W.

Javi creating his own mix

Malu with her in-laws

Dad with the Doctors Cabreras

Malu, mom's only brother- Tito Totoy, Doy, Pam & the cameraman

It was special day for dad and the family, and we would like to thank everyone who made it so—mom’s sibs, cousins, Joji & Let who took the lead, the extended families, Dad and the rest of the Salvadors are loving you back.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 06, 2013.