Pablo & Pacquiao

For the fourth time, Pacquiao will be throwing punches at Marquez in the ring and try to beat him to the ground so he can keep his belt. The set of waist huggers will never be the same minus one. But we all know there’s so much more involved than claiming rights to the big-buckled-clinchers —a title, pride, world notoriety and of course, the moolah. Win or lose, both parties the earnings will be enormous—for both boxers.

Bato, bato, pick! Uh-oh, paper beats rock. Is this a sign of things to come?

Boxing has become a (huge) money making venture for the pugilists. The sport has never been this popular in history with one boxer owning seven titles to his name. Manny Pacquiao has etched his name in history.

Halaaaaa, grabe makagunit sa kong belt Mommy D, o! Uy dodong, buhia ng akong belt!

At this time, the world will be glued to their television sets, or whatever screen the pay-per-view match is shown, to catch the rematch of two boxers whose previous fights have been marred with controversy. For a few boxing rounds there will be world peace and unity among Filipinos, just as it has been during Pacman’s bouts.

But this time it will be different. Pablo beat the hell out of anything and anyone that stood along its path when it paid the PI a visit. Yup, it TKO-ed electrical power, flora, homes, livelihood and worse, claimed hundreds of lives. Versus Sandy, I believe Pablo won hands down.

Pablo TKO-ed livelihood.....

...... homes,,,,,

....and took lives.

Sorry Manny, but you will have less audience today. There are those who have their own battles to fight – and survive. Survive the calamity, survive the “epals” in politics who made their way to the devastated sites and try to earn the votes of a population in distress. Yes, ‘tis the (opportune) season to be epal. And for these bunch, finesse will be the best gift, a gift that will give you restraint from asking for a voter’s ID from the-homeless-because-of-Pablo in exchange for relief goods. Define “relief goods,” please.

No matter what the intentions are, help in all forms are pouring in. Prayer is one of them and it does wonders. Take the cue from Mommy Dionesia who has constantly been on her knees praying that her wonder son be safe from harm each time he dons the gloves and face an opponent. Time and again her prayers have been heard. Time and again she has asked Manny to quit boxing. Time and again Pacman is being lured into the ring like it’s “my preciousssss”. All Mommy D. can do is pray.

Two battles: one- the Pinoy versus the Mexican; and second- the Pinoys versus Pablo’s aftermath. Whatever the battle is, whoever the opponent is, we Pinoys always emerge as winners.

Good luck Pacman and may you keep your belt and fellow Southern Mindanawans, be strong, you are not alone in this fight.

SunStar Davao and ABS-CBN Sagip Kapamilya are partners in delivering relief assistance to the victims of typhoon Pablo in Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental. The drop off points for relief goods: SunStar main office, Granland Building, R. Castillo Street, Agdao, and SunStar Sales Office at Door 2 Krisfer Twin Alley Arcade, Ponciano Reyes Street (in front of Kapitan Tomas Central Elementary School). Your help will be greatly appreciated.