Minus one

I never did watch any of Pacquiao's fight. Since the boxing matches fall on a Sunday, that's the time to hug the bed all day and catch up on movies I missed. But one thing I have done religiously is write something about Manny (along with Mommy Dionesia and Jinky) and his coming fights in SunStar that gets printed on the day of his slugging match (e.g. Ngayon, luluhod ang mga tala, Manny many changes). The stories printed are accompanied with photos I pick up from the net and inject a little comedy by captioning the photos with humor.

Yesterday's article was no different. One photo, though, already showed Marquez beating Manny.....

Bato, bato, pick! Uh-oh, paper beats rock. Is this a sign of things to come?
Who would want our boxing champ to lose. But he can't always win. Somewhere along the line of his celebrated career, he's bound to lose a fight.

Pacquiao knocked out on the 6th round

That's minus one belt from Manny's collection.

Dear Manny, you're still the Pinoy's champ. You may have lost this one but there's a bigger battle to fight here at home.