What can I give you this Christmas?

THERE is a property boom in the city. More villages are cropping up and condominiums are sprouting like mushrooms. The idea would be unheard of years back but the metropolis is growing, thus the need for more living spaces on the ground and up in the sky.

Wherever your crib is, you only want it the best spot to nestle in at the end of each working day—there’s no place like home.

In my case, the past years have been time of collecting pieces that will adorn my own place. There are hits and misses along the way, and finally settling with the final pieces I really want. Or, have I found the perfect pieces at all? Filling up a home with the “right pieces” will take a long time. There is always something better that pops up. Patience.

So in the mean time, I keep an open eye for the “right pieces” I will be filling up my pad soon. If something “more beautiful” (an excuse to justify spending), then I shall have it and the previous item will find another home to live in. Why keep it (or even hoard) when it can beautify another person’s home? Everything will have its purpose.

Fabulous things are found in places you expect to find them. Case in point, tasteful furniture and unique decorative items in a hardware store. You gasped? I did. I was quite surprised with the selections of The Nest at Trust Home Depot, the elevated nook in the store where individual rooms are decorated in themes. (The men should check out the tools section of the store, I know a few male friends who went gaga over the store’s offerings.)

The Nest is a perfect place to hunt for items for one’s own place or give as gifts for newlyweds or recent homeowners, or for family, friends (like me, LOL) or for yourself (why not?) this Yuletide season. I found a number of interesting pieces I know my friends would love and a few I don’t mind having myself. Like they always say, there is always a space for something nice in the home.

So, if you still don’t know what to give your family and friends this Christmas, try visiting The Nest at the Trust Home Depot. I am pretty sure you will find something very interesting and unique to give as a present from this spot. And believe me whatever the piece is, it will be loved.

The Nest Home and Lifestyle Gallery is at the mezzanine level of Trust Home Depot at at Ecoland Drive, Quimpo Boulevard, Matina (formerly Task Force Davao) with telephone numbers 298-7878 and 295-3588.

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 16, 2012.