A prelude to summer

All aboard!

The gathering usually occurs before the temperature soars toward boiling point and heats up the city— that time of the year when the beach is what every perspiring soul has in mind as the great escape. 

The great summer escape. Paradise Island Beach Resort is my favorite spot in the Samal Island.

It was February when the gracious host said obrigado, “thank you” in Portuguese, to all friends, reminded everyone that summer is just around the corner and welcoming it means getting the right easy, breezy (may I quote the cosmetic ad) gear—light airy clothing, the good ol’ Anahaw abaniko, and a pair of Havaianas flip-flops.

With Ian Garcia & Martish's Marga Nograles at the Obrigado 2013 event

Every year the Havaianas luncheon is themed, and for 2013, it’s Nautical. “The nautical theme stands for a new journey that will take us to the next 50 more colorful and stylish years,” said Marga Nograles, Martish Marketing’s Managing Director. 2012 was when Havaianas marked its 50th year and has produced enough flip-flops to encircle the globe 50 times. 

My latest pair- chocolate brown & aqua

Of the 2 billion, I have a few of those pairs and of all the footwear on the rack, those flip-flops are the most traveled. It has made it to some of the most exciting destinations and not only did it keep my feet comfortable, it made them look stylishly appropriate to use beyond where it should be worn as well.

The most frequent and favorite destination would be the beach. Beach = flip-flops. So whenever Havaianas hollers on the birth of every new year it’s the sun, sea and surf that pop in mind. I would say it’s my personal alarm clock to plan my trip to the island paradise I call home this coming summer season.

Favorite destination-- the beach!

But that recent Obrigado gathering was like the carrot dangling very, very close to the donkey’s face—me- donkey, carrot- beach. If you know me well enough, I won’t wait for summer to get to the nearest shoreline. Luckily there are several just next door—the beach-laden island of Samal, with my Havaianas, of course. 

Island hopping aboard Joperson 4

Babu Santa in Talikod Island is fabulous!

Just like old times. Sun worshipping with Jenny, Jin & Joy 

...and cooling off in the "pool"

Babu Santa is a favorite stop of the bangka tours.

So just before the summer struck, I was already in its vibe and skin tone. Very nice. Along with my long-time friends, we relived our glorious sun worshiping days around the neighboring islands. The appointed calendar date for summer was advanced a couple months too early (I am not complaining and it’s perennially summertime for me whenever I am by the beach at any time) and so was my plan to head to my other home, Boracay.

Boracay sunset.

I am now in my “office” and writing this story seated on the white sand of the island with the sun’s warm rays enveloping my body (to glorious tan-ness) while the gleaming azure ocean laps its gentle waves on the shoreline before me— and it’s not officially summer yet, where else would I want to be?

In my office in the island I call home-- Boracay.

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Of apples & lemons.

Poppy flowers in perennial bloom. A very limited number of Artist/Painter Betsy Westendorp’s works are on display at T’nalak Home in Abreeza Mall for everyone to admire….. and own. Yes, the artworks are for sale and a piece of the forever-in-bloom poppy flowers will certainly brighten up any home—yours, perhaps. There is an apple for every artwork you bring home as well. Now, that’s priceless!

Bitter much? Overheard from a non-winner after the raffle draw in a media product presentation was a such-a-loser's statement..."Kung mananalo nalang ang maka-afford, hindi na ako mag-aattend ng (product name) events." This coming from the same person whose self-proclaimed monthly income is said to be in the six-digit range. Very expensive gadget or false income declaration? And, will your absence be noticed at all? Here’s a raffle-less prize for you -- lemons in 6-digit quantity. Congratulations!

Published in the Sun.Star Newspaper on March 10, 2013.