Betsy Westendorp's flowers are in full bloom at T'nalak Home

Now showing (and selling) at T'nalak Home, Abreeza Mall -- the blooms of Betsy Westendorp.

The artist Betsy Westendorp is happiest when she is painting. 

The grace and daintiness of the poppy flowers are caught on canvas and can forever be admired in its full bloom and beauty.

Very limited pieces of the artist's artworks are now on display at T'nalak Home for everyone to admire. 

Acrylic on Canvas 36 cm x 36 cm (Code 1247-2011)

Acrlyic on masonite 8 cm x 18 cm (Code 1247-2011-23)

Acrylic on canvas 5 cm x 31 cm (Code 1317-2013-23)

Oil on canvas 18 cm x 33 cm (Code 0547-1992)

Acrylic on masonite 5 cm x 18 cm (Code 1258-2011-23)

It's time to own a piece of the timeless garden.

The artist holding her present for me.

I am blessed of owning these timeless blossoms, the artist gave me  a couple of her poppy bouquets.

For more information, call T'nalak Home at (082) 321-4379.