A seafood trip on a giant lobster

My ride to the seafood trip

It’s official— the cheat day is on an extended run and now a cheat month. The take-off of the-healthy-lifestyle-program aka diet + exercise was smooth and successful, well, for three days at least. Then the weekend treat came, the appointed time to cheat on the diet. After that day, I was never able to get back on the plane ride to weight loss heaven. I still watch what I eat, though, and it’s the see-food diet. Since the love month was ushered in, I’ve seen plenty, and feasted on it.

The dining invitations to this day are still pouring in. Last week, the cuisine was on the healthy side, so to speak, but of course, it’s the quantity of intake that counts, and will power is not one of my strong virtues. It was the designated seafood week and the trip was taken aboard a giant lobster. How fantastic is that?

First stop was at Paradise Island Beach Resort, my favorite Samal Island destination where sun, sea and food is at its best. I always leave the resort with a tan (nice), bulging tummy (not nice) and a smile of contentment (very good).

With fellow sun worshippers- Bevin, Margie & Jin,
at Paradise Island Beach Resort in Samal Island

Food in this seaside place is irresistible. I have my preference but the owners always send something new that surprises me (aside from the fresh Buko on arrival).

The buko & the beach, perfect combination.

The list of must-have-whenever-in-the-island is getting longer by the visit. The paellas—Valenciana, Marinara, Negra— are on the resort’s bragging list.

The Paella Valenciana is loaded with seafood as well.

But these two should make it to that level soon enough— the Baked Mixed Seafood (shrimps, fillet of fish, squid and condiments baked in a sealed foil)....

Baked mixed seafood

...and the Seafood Crispy Noodles (shrimp, squid, broccoli on crispy noodles). Both dishes are light, very tasty and the seafood ingredients tender (obviously using the fresh catch).

Seafood over crispy noodles.

After a quick change, the giant lobster ride took me to Café Marco at the Marco Polo Hotel where a giant seafood festival kicked off (the diet was truly getting kicked out as well)....

Seafood-farers Ian Garcia, Maya Padillo, Patty Tan & Ken Ong

MPD GM Anthony Tan & Chef Ed

MPD DOSM Em Mauhay

... and the bounties of the sea are taking center stage— steamed rock lobsters, Salmon Colibia, baked Tanguigue, fresh tuna and salmon, sashimis, makis and tempuras, baked scallops, ceviches, crispy crablets and so much more. It’s just impossible to try everything on this visit.

Feast on sushi!

Salmon Colibia

Baked scallops

That much I, along with everyone on a seafood and see-food diet, won’t have to worry about, Café Marco’s Seafood Festival will run until March 9th. As for the must-tries at Paradise Island Beach Resort, it’s not going away so we can have them anytime.

I wonder where the giant lobster is taking me next. Oh, I know, to the island destination I call home. Grin.

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Of Apples & Lemons.

Anthony Tan

The new man. Marco Polo Davao has a new General Manager, Anthony Tan. This Australian national’s experience in the hospitality industry spans 30 years and has worked for high-profile companies around Asia. After his recent assignment as Resident Manager of Marco Polo Shenzhen, this new GM of Marco Polo Davao is looking forward to be part of the family- the hotel and the city.

An apple to welcome you.

The memo

So who won? This upscale mall conceived a Christmas decoration contest for its tenants sending out memos stipulating the contest criteria and encouraging everyone to join. No winner was declared in the 2011 contest but 2012 seemed brighter for the tenants when the mall executives plus a prominent figure (from the family a business district is named after) made their rounds to judge the holiday decors. It’s already March 2013 and no winner has been declared…yet. I wonder what game this mall is playing and if there will be a winner at all.

Your lemons = one lemon for each tenant you sent a contest memo to. Daz-a-lots!

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 03, 2013.