Mandala, Lazuli: wellsprings of bliss

THERE may be no short cut to nirvana but there is always the next best thing—the spa—the wellspring of bliss, one the best gifts afforded to the humans.

It’s no surprise how these wellness destinations have become popular. The proliferation of these man-made oases only proves how today’s hectic lifestyle can be so draining that rejuvenation is needed.

But not all spas are created equal. From the lot, the best arises, winning accolades and praises from its clients. Each of these spas create its own signature massage treatment branding the therapeutic experience uniquely the spa’s own.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to visit spas in my city and wherever my travel takes me turning me into a certified spa addict. Let me tell you about two frequently visited revitalizing centers I will say I’ve had the best therapies by far.

In my favorite Island destination, Boracay Island, there is the award-winning Mandala Spa. It sits in a nest of verdant vegetation on the island’s elevated terrain. 

Each component of the spa resort is carefully planned out to highlight a key consideration—nature and its preservation, a feature that becomes an integral part of each guest’s wellness treatment.

From the Day Sap menu, I found my favorite – the Deep Tissue Massage-  two hours and ten minutes full-body massage using firm pressure and cross-fiber strokes. It’s the perfect massage after intense physical activity (like days of frolicking at the beach) or anyone suffering from muscular tension (that’s my body’s twin).

A visit to Mandala Spa is always the best way to end each visit to Boracay.

And coming home to Davao after a very long trip (like 40 days of touring plus the final leg of the journey of 19 hours of plane ride and layovers) the best greeting anyone can have is the welcome home pampering of Lazuli Spa at the Marco Polo Hotel.

I was treated like royalty with Lazuli Spa’s six-hours Ultimate Spa Perfection.

In the morning, the spa tailored a combination of its lavish scrubs, majestic wraps, floral bath and foot bliss according to my wishes, then in the afternoon, I had my two hours of massage and a relaxing facial that completed my blissful journey to wellness (and the new time zone).

The treat didn’t end at the spa but continued on to the hotel where I spent a quiet and relaxing night in one of Marco Polo’s newly renovated rooms. I say this was the best welcome treat I’ve had by far. It’s pure bliss, I wouldn’t mind having it again, and again.

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