March 2013 musings: Rebonding is not just for the locks

IT SEEMED like March was devoted to rebonding and I don’t mean my hair. Maybe it was the Universe’s way of leading me to reconnect with people, places and most importantly myself.

More than half of the month was spent away from the city, hopping in and out of airplanes, finding myself in spots I long to be and where I should be, revisiting a place I fell out of love with and surprisingly enjoying it, and witnessing disconnected relationships reconnected again and, sadly, some in the stage of detachment, for the moment at least.

Maybe I missed a good number of exciting events in the city but if that meant celebrating something greater, I wouldn’t have it any other way, and finding myself (again) treading the fine white sand of Boracay is always a reason to be thrilled.

There is always a "my first time in Boracay" shots with each visit to the island.....

Twice a year the residency visa is renewed and each visit I say “It’s my first time here.” Don’t ask me why, it just feels that way. It’s one of the things that’ll never change even if the island is getting busier with each passing day.

There is something magical with each sunset.....

Once again, I was back at the place where I first stepped on a yoga mat. This was when my heart and body found the ideal practice for me—a cure for backache, flexibility, weight loss—the intentions varied, some vain. The mind though needed more discipline. I was on and off the mat and after more than a year, I renewed my ties with it (and yes, it certainly felt like the first time as well) and my body. I know I should make this an integral part of my lifestyle.

What made March exciting was reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in months and some for ages—a friend who found joy in baking after acquiring an oven, 

two will soon be mothers, 

one finally coming home to visit and reuniting with her family after thirteen years, a friend and previous business partner in recluse showing up, 

a reunion with a co-worker from 25 years ago I instantly clicked with, 

catching up with a couple of former island girls in their hometown.

From Davao to Boracay that segued to Manila, things I don’t do anymore I didn’t mind doing again when joyful moments are celebrated— sipping alcohol (I actually enjoyed the reacquaintance), 
before lunch.....

at sunset......

at night....

staying up late, 

feasting on white rice with every meal, munching on Lapid’s chicharon (I’m cringing at the thought now),
how can you not eat rice with these....

staying for more than two days in the capital city and the birth of summer at that. 

Maybe that’s the thing with keeping the ties well bound with people who matter, you can step out of your comfort zone once in a while and actually have fun.

The month was a good month for rebonding for me, and someone close to my heart. It was not long ago when I witnessed a relationship disconnect and reconnect with more fire the second time around. Yes, it was sweeter that anyone can almost taste it.

Isn’t all these the message of Easter? Rekindling and holding on or to a relationship that matters most? That love can be tested and win in the end? That there will always be hope?

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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 31, 2013.