May 2013 musing: I covet!

It’s a cycle, a monthly one. An itch, a certain longing that I have to address. Unfortunately, it does have a cost and it manifests either on the waist or on a piece of paper called “the credit card bill”. I have to pay, dearly.

The bottom line is I am happy (which tops the “list of justifications” on why I give in to my guilty pleasures) and that shuts up/rids off any detractor who stands between me and the object of my desire. Hey, it’s my waistline and my moolah. I feel that you’re nodding in agreement.

The materialistic and fashion-hungry side of me turns into a monster whenever I spot a must-have—which is like a bottomless pit. I stare, get uneasy, miss sleep, and manifest other signs of addiction until I get my hands on what I want.

This month I am eyeing on a jacket by Michael Cinco, the Pinoy designer who is fast becoming a major force in the global fashion scene. I am in awe and in love with his edgy designs from the first time I saw them on the net, and so is the world. His collections are very impressive that it’s getting a nod in all the corners of this orb— from Russia to China, Europe to the Americas, it’s on the red carpet in Hollywood, on TV, runways and in countless international glossies. In the recent Manila Fashion Week, Michael Cinco shared his collection to a well-attended event opening.

We all know Cinco is Pinoy but what you may not know is he is from Samar and a very good friend of another Davao-based designer, Ronan Opina. In his design team is another Dabawenyo, Garimon Roferos, a very avant-garde designer who finally found the right channel to showcase his affection for the cutting-edge. I can’t help but be proud.

Garimon Roferos with Michael Cinco.

Now I am eyeing on a couple of Cinco’s jackets—the spiked and studded black blazer which is very Louboutin, and the black Nehru jacket with the ornate laser-cut ceramics detail which the designer is identified with and popular for. As usual, I am visualizing that I am wearing the M.C. (as what Garimon calls the designer) jacket in the Davao events and as I breeze through the cobblestone paths of Rome and Paris. (If you must know, visualization DOES work. You should practice it as well.) Watch out for that.

Spiked & studded. So Louboutan.

Coat with ornate laser-cut ceramic details.

When it comes to food, look at me as your “official food taster”, pretty much what the royalties have in their court once upon a time. Of course, “my personal satisfaction” comes first then I can share what I think in the hopes that you do take my opinion as something worthwhile.

With so much food around town, the battle to reacquire the 32” waistline is getting more difficult by the day. Here are some of my latest discoveries…

My quest for the city’s best Halu-halo found the best (by far) at Yellow Fin Seafood Restaurant—smoothie ice and milk blend topped with a generous amount of traditional ingredients. The sweetness is perfect that one can finish a bowl that can be shared by two.

Yellow Fin Seafood Resto's Halu-halo is the best in Davao by far.

Park Inn by Radisson’s Dessert Plate—Dark Chocolate Lava Cake, Pavlova and Durian Cheesecake. The trio makes an interesting offering for several sweet-toothed people with different sweetness levels.

Park Inn by Radisson's dessert plate is fantastic x 3.

Osvaldo’s Cakes (at Paseo de Legaspi) Tablea Truffle Cake, a dark chocolate beauty using Malagos Tablea. A slice of this rich, bittersweet wonder can be shared by two.

Bittersweet love affair with Osvaldo's Tablea Truffle Cake

and Gelato Mania (along F. Torres Street) is gelato heaven! The freshly made daily offerings— from nuts to fruits, traditional to unconventional flavors— are sweetened perfectly that you can finish several scoops in one go. I love the Pistachio, Avocado and Guyabano flavors because the natural flavors of the nut and fruits are kept alive.

Gelato Mania's freshly-made daily offerings is nothing short of divine.

My covetous things to wear and food to eat, I love them. You might want some of it.

Of Apples & Lemons.

Finally the awards came and it was handed in style. Abreeza Mall made the cut in the yearly Merchants Awards of the Ayala Malls and two Davao owned/managed tenants of the mall were awarded top prizes in the 15th Annual Ayala Malls Merchant Rewards.

T’nalak Home bagged four major awards for 2012— Christmas Decor Specialty Category, Visual Merchandising Excellence Specialty Category, Overall Visual Merchandising Excellence Winner and The Most Promising Retailer.

T'nalak Home's 2012 Yuletide set-up

Hukad was awarded Abreeza Mall’s Store of the Year. Congratulations to both establishments! And great job Ayala Malls for recognizing the efforts of your tenants. Ten apples to all you!

My favorite on Hukad's menu- the Crispy Pata.

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Published in the SunStar Davao newspaper on May 26, 2013.