What she really wants is...

Domestic Diva, Home Goddess, Wonder Woman, Mother Superior.
Four pics, one word. 
 Answer: Mom.

She’s been given so many other titles but not one can totally grasp the magnitude of her TLC for her brood. She changed her priorities on the onset of motherhood, setting her needs aside in favor of the children. She showers them with unconditional love, which seems to be innate in them, and seeks nothing in return. We love her back, she smiles gratefully but we know we can do more.

Never ask a mother what she wants as presents, she’ll always say “your love” and give you roundabout replies should you insist. You have to read between the lines and surprise her. Give yourself a tap on the back if you just made her the happiest mother on the planet.

If you plan to take her out on Mother’s Day and she says, “I have nothing to wear,” that means she needs a new set of wardrobe. Take her shopping (Marks & Spencer’s Spring/Summer 2013 is ripe for the picking. Call 321-7233), then take her to her favorite restaurant. 

"I have nothing to wear" = she needs a new set of wardrobe.
Marks & Spencer’s Spring/Summer 2013 is ripe for the picking.

If she says, “I just want a rose,” then go the extra thousand miles and give her the rose-colored metal—rose gold! A minaudier to complete her look on a dressy dinner date will make her smile for sure, and that makes two perfect accessories on her. (Argento del Salvador’s handcrafted sterling silver minaudier in rose gold electroplate can turn into an estate piece. Text 019-811-0400).

"I just want a rose" = ROSE GOLD!
Argento del Salvador's handcrafted sterling silver minaudier electroplated in rose gold.

Mom always wants to be on the background but make her stand out even with one accessory—a chic and unique tote bag perhaps? (T’nalak Home’s proudly made in Davao t’nalak tote bags can be the “tote of the town”. Call 321-4379)

Backgrounder no more with this TOTE OF THE TOWN.
T'nalak Home's handwoven abaca fiber tote bag is proudly made in Davao.

If she says,”I want to be one with the sea,” don’t take her to the beach or book her on a cruise but do better—wrap the jewels of the south sea around her neck. (Jewelmer has an exquisite collection of South Sea pearl necklaces. Call 321-9704).

"I want to be one with the sea" = South Sea pearls necklace.
Take her to Jewelmer. 

She has given you her world why not give her THE world in return? I’m pretty sure she set aside seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the gondola ride in Venice to put you through college (guilt trip!), let her travel now—first class all the way, kiddo! 

"I want the world" = she wants to travel and see it.
Make it first class al the way! Why not accompany her?

If she says,”I want to be a queen,” she doesn’t mean put a crown on her head, for everyone to curtsy before her or use magic to turn her into one. She just wants a much-deserved “me time” and be pampered from head to toe. Take her to a spa and that will be her palace. (Lazuli Spa in Marco Polo Davao has a menu of amazing treatments. Call 221-0888).

"I want to be a queen" = royal treatment.
Lazuli Spa in Marco Polo Davao can be her palace.

“I want something sweet,” she says. Chocolates? Decadent pastries? Nah, give her a candy factory on the palm of her hand. She’ll enjoy the zero calorie treats for sure. (Mini ipad can be ordered on-line via apple.com. She can download Candy Crush Saga for free)

"I want something sweet" = Candy Crush Saga on a Mini iPad.

Now for the husband, if she says “tickle my earlobes”, don’t get kinky. Try a better stimulant and put some bling on those ears. I guarantee you that she’ll hear your sweet whispers better. (Choose from Emilia’s Jewelry’s offering of elegant earrings of semi-precious stones set in gold. Call 2968160).

"Tickle my earlobe" = put some bling on it.
This Fire Opal & Jade set in gold by Emilia's Jewelry will do the job.

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Published in the Sun.Star Weekend newspaper on May 5, 2013.