April 2013 musing: My treasure, your trash & vice versa

IT’S all about personal taste—some like their desserts packed with sweetness while others don’t, some find beauty where others cannot, and what is seen as fashionable may not necessarily be viewed as stylish.

April was about art, fashion, food and more food. So if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and taste is on the buds of one’s palate (I made this up), here’s my take on the events that transpired on the month of showers. Since you invited me on the presumption that I have a story to tell, then here it is (thank God, there were no political or religious engagements I had to go to).


When I first saw the pieces, I instantly fell in love with them and said, “It’s so Japanese.” It’s the latest addition to the home collection of T’nalak Home at Abreeza Mall—handmade paper taking a new interpretation as wall art.

The artworks are the creation of a young Manila-based Japanese designer, Wataru Sakuma, who said, “I use paper pulp to create intricate drawings in relief that utilizes space as a canvas. Pulp breathes in the flow of air and embraces light.”

The surprisingly inexpensive artworks for the wall come in various sizes and will make a beautiful addition to anyone’s art collection.

Check out Wataru Sakuma’s artworks at T’nalak Home.


After a very disturbing opening show, the “fashion forward” store once again staged a presentation, with a summer theme this time. Unfortunately, again, the hits were trampled by the misses on the ramp—an inadequately styled fashion show that’s voicing out a contradictory statement to its corporate mantra. Forgive me but I just cannot fathom the styling aesthetics for the runway of this brand with a store loaded with fun, exciting and trendy pieces.

When I asked the marketing manager who their stylist was, the reply was, “The store’s visual merchandisers”, (I tried to hide my surprise) and she quickly added, “Based on the style sheet provided.” So the fashion forward directive came from higher up, and it’s not just Davao who has witnessed/will witness this show after all.

photo credit: Rudolph Alama
This woman’s pieces don’t add up, this girl is cute & got away with it,
& this man entered a grocery store & exited on the runway.

So you want a second opinion? Ta-dah- granted! I showed three photos to a fashion editor and stylist to review and here are the comments: Kid’s- Cute. It’s easy to get away with a cute kid. Womens- It’s too busy. She doesn’t know where she’s going. The pieces don’t add up, it’s just wrong. Mens- He entered a grocery store and exited on the ramp.


I found another dessert dish to feast on—the Tablea and Tofu cheesecakes of Sea Green—and I suggest you try these. It has the right amount of sweetness (for me) and I fear it’s going to be addictive. The offerings in this joint lean on the healthier side with veggies and seafood on their menu. So don’t come looking for pork and beef in this resto.

Sea Green's Tablea Cheesecake is a must-try.

But should you crave for beef, try the delicious heart-shaped beef special of Bulgogi Brothers. It’s for sharing but I won’t be surprised if one hungry soul can finish an entire 6-piece order.

Fall in love with these hearts at Bulgogi Brothers.

You want more? Just cross over to Park Inn Hotel and have your fill of the Angus Beef steaks until you say “enough!” The beef, grilled the way you want it, is just one offering included in the wide assortment of choices on the buffet. Come early though, the queue on the griller can get long on peak dining hours.

Angus Beef grilled the way you want it at Park Inn