In black & white

SURE we’ve been to and done a black and white gig, we’ve even filled up a dance club and partied ‘til the break of dawn (those were the days when curfew and liquor ban were non-existent!), and gathered throngs of friends as we celebrated joint birthdays. But tell me, how often do you come across a birthday party honoring ten kids coming from one family tree. I believe that’s a record for Davao.

The Garkids turn 16. (Standing, L-R) Tara Garcia-Campo, Jappy Montemayor-Tan, Matthew Henares-Pineda, Katherine de Venecia-Garcia. (Seated, L-R) Raffy Garcia-Albano, Marga Garcia-Antonio, AF Montemayor-Sian, Arriana Rabat-del Rosario, Patrick Angala-Pineda.

This can only happen in a family who has roots dug deep into Davao soil, a pioneering one. With each generation their family tree sprouts more branches, and this year, two handfuls of the fruits have turned/will turn sixteen. This can only happen in one of the old settlers in the city—the Garcias.

Yes, ten Garkids aka the Garcia kids are on the “sweet age” and they made sure this joint shindig was a memorable one. They turned the city’s go-to dance club a haven they can call their own and asked everyone to come in the season’s color trend—black and white (there must be a fashionista in the troop!). And their cliques from Ateneo de Davao, Stella Marris and Colegio San Ignacio flooded the “rave room” in the current hues.

We all know that gathering kids, most especially those of age, can take so much of an effort. Not with this close-knit family, not this time—it’s their summer break. If I heard it right, it was these kids who masterminded the shindig (and how their brood see them as): Raffy Garcia-Albano, the martial artist from De La Salle Zobel; Marga Garcia-Antonio, the cheerleader from Stella Maris; AF Montemayor-Sian, the dancer from Ateneo de Davao; Arriana Rabat-del Rosario and Phoebe Dizon-Garcia, the fashionistas from Ateneo de Davao and Colegio de San Ignacio; Patrick Angala-Pineda, the football athlete from Ateneo de Davao; Tara Garcia-Campos and Katherine de Venecia-Garcia are the hardcourt maidens from Assumption in Manila; Jappy Montemayor-Tan, the bad girl of badminton of Xavier Manila; Long boarder from Ateneo de Davao, Matthew Henares-Pineda.

Joshua Lu, Angelo Cagape, Lorenzo Bangayan, Alfonso Fernandez; AF Sian and Patrick Camacho

Abby Gempesaw, Patricia Suarez, Pia Puentespina; Arriana del rosario, Trixie Pineda, Jessica Pineda, Cheska Garcia, Veronica Rabat, Alicia Jaldon

Kyra Te, Kayne Sy, Chloe Sy, Iona Rubinos, Jalina Villaceran; Tara Campos, Dani Ledesma, Church Campos 

Robertino del Rosario, Trixie Pineda, AC Sian,Jessica Pineda; Gian Ruiz, Joshua Jabile, Prince Guevarra, Banoi Vinson

JB Sahagon,isabela Cabreros, Feebee Garcia, Rachel Irinea, Chelsea Cabrera; Robby Unson, Bea Campos, China Campos, Andy Unson.

And you think it was just the young crew hugging the fun evening? You should see the area on the club’s second level where the former sweet-sixteeners were hanging out. 

Imee Garcia, Pinky Pineda, Jenny Garcia, Rochelle del Rosario, Marites Pineda, Marilou Sian, Felina Garcia; George Pineda, Rodney del Rosario, Ricky Pineda, Albert Sian

The vibe was just as alive in the upper lounge as it was on the dance floor. I have to give it to this group, the Garkids, the then and the now, sure know how to party.